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Vertox`s virtualized memories

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Well it took 10 Days but finally today i got some more Fotos for u ;)

They seem really happy for the fact i didnt mesure ph even once in the Plantlife so im pretty releved i think this cross came just as i planned it at least till now.

We can see there are 2 Phenos in the Breed wich is perfect imo one of it is more indica with denser buds coated with a massive amount of Resin, the second one is more sativa and has more hairy and soft buds.

even tho the Temps at night neer went under 21degrees celsius they are showing a clear Potential for astonnishing Autumn Colors.

But now lets let the Fotos speak :)

Hope u enjoy even tho its not with the right lighting and a baad yellow NDL light :P




















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even with a not suposed not good lighting your pics always look good ;) Thanks for the news man they look really good, if they taste as good as they look you will have done a nice job ;)

I like a lot the way the leaves colored only on the inside yet it looks really esthetic :)


Have a good end of grow man!

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Gorgeous finish to those two :) I agree with Dust about that black pheno, stunning colours brother and great overall results. Have fun with your two harvested ladies and good luck with the rest!

Peace and much respect

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Thx mate :)

Gonna make some pics of the whole Harvest cause i vand really tell u guys the weight i got out cause technology seems to hate me aroun cannabis in the last time my Scale is broken too...

Only got the small pochscale atm :P

But all in all i have to say the Genetics are way more Stable than i thought they would be, at the same time i had my little Testgrow a friend of mine made a wider scale Testgrow with 80 Plants.. No differences t see besides from he went for Optimal Conditions and i went for minimalcare to see what they can handle.

My grow was completly made without any Ph Mesurement by only looking at the Plant and judgeing. She made it throu all the stress and wend for e decent yield of sme real dope^^

The smell of the buds is very special and as soon u smoke it its the kind of Stuff u would call Dope and not weed only cuz of the damn strong smell :)

All in all this Plant is not a Plant if u have to be stealth it is extreamly smelly allso in grow even throu my only 1 grow used Carbonfilter it was clerly still smelling.

It strethes a good 120%average and is pretty mainbudhaevy.

She finishes in a stunning short time if handled correctly as fast as 48days :)

The later u harvest here the more Skunkysmell she develops, the earlyer u cut her the sweeter it smells.

Conditions around 28degrees ar allready Purpletime.

Budstructure is really nice its not a pure hard nug and not a fluffy bud at all it has the nice soft feel to it when u sweesh it but is still a thik bud and seems to really like the Grinder if u know what i mean ;)


To come to an End the Strain will NOT be Sold to any Breeder or Seedbank as it will stay in my collection to oneday present it to all of you under my name ;)

I hope u enjoyed all the process of the Testing.

Maybe i will show u a Breed from ground up next time we`ll se :)

Im allways thankfull for input what u would like to see on the market what u search for holy long times ;) even tho the genetics are told u to be gone tell me and i will try to findem :)

Thx to the audiance and have a nice day fellows



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Thx to u two guys :)


So i wasnt posting anything for a rather long Time now so i decided to show u Guys some more of mine :)

This Time ur looking at another LemonSkunk, but this Time it is the LemonLarryOG pheno, i breed that lemonskunk with an original LemonLarryOG cut from LasVegas so it should be as close to the Original as it gets.

I hope u like the Fotos some are misslighted but i think u will still enjoy them :D














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Beautiful work on the plants and pictures as alaways man, thanks for sharing the porn! I guess you must be close to what you are looking for because looking at the pictures i knew before reading the name that it was LS :) I hope the taste will prove you are right as well ;)


Have a good end of grow and smoke!

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Thanks alot man :)

Well yes it is a pure Joy to smoke to grow and to cure ^^

There is only one test which i will proceed and this is to try to Scrog it, dadly bevore that i need a new Ph meter cause my old Brick died :(

Im really happy about this Genethics cause everyone sells LemonSkunk but all of ot is kind of not the Real Deall, i mean its no scam and stuff but its allways Lemonskunk x mosly some Skunk, which allways gives it more skunk genes.

Here is a real LemoLarry cut crossed with my best Skunk so if u could buy it u would have a lot sell selection work to do to get a pure lemonlarry pheno :)

The forum doeas not allow it if i would make a giveaway right ? ^^


Cheers guys

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So long time silence in here :)

But im Back with a new Project now

I finally got my Ph station back and can now show u some stuff again.

Sadly no Pictures today, but ill give u some info about what is coming up.

The Subject this time is a unnamed cross by me which im breeding for 6 years now.

Its a really trong Plant of mostly Indica genes, over the years i crossed forward and backward alot and there are a rissiculous number of genes in this Strain.

As for this Test we are seeing the newst cross which is my Strain x LemonSkunk (own breed)

I hope to achieve a stong high yielding ScrogStrain with the pure earth flower aroma from my old strain with a nice sour hint.

To test its Value for all growers if pro or greenhorn i choose to put only 2 Plants in 1 big Pot.

One of them is growing using 4way LST tecnique and the other using 6Way LST, this results in one Plant needing more nutrients which will start a Battle for nutrients which equals a lot of Stress.

The 4 Way LST Plant got germinated 1 week after the 6way to enforce this effect.

So as u can see i want to cause as much Stress as Possible and harsh enviroment to test this Plant.

The Growbox is the same other than there will be no cold Air intake this time to have high Temps in the room for more Stress, i use everything which isnt implying me directly harming the Plant.

The 4 Way LST Plant got germinated 1 week after the 6way to enforce this effect.

I will be using Hesi Nutrients, i only use what is contained in Hesi Starterpack.

There will be no EC mesurements at no point and Time.



  • Strain: Unnamed ( old vertox x vertox LemonSkunk )
  • GrowTecnique: 4- 6Way LST -> ScroG
  • Ph-Mesurement: Yes
  • EC-Mesurement: No
  • StressLevel: High
  • TempDay: 28-31(°C)
  • TempNight: 22-28(°C)



  • Growbox: 80x80x160cm
  • AirOut: 400m³
  • AirIn: Passiv
  • Aircirculation: 20cm ClipFan
  • LightVeg: 400W MH
  • LightFlower: 400W NDL
  • Reflector: Cooltube (PrimaKlima)
  • Medium: Torf + Sterile Compost (50l)
  • Nutrients: Hesi StarterKit


Well thats all u gonna get for Today :P

I hope a few of u are intressted in this Project as it shows one of the Tests my Strains have to succed in to stay.

Have a nice one





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Its my Plesure to show some of my Process :)

So Today i wanted to plesure u guys with the First Pics but i cant seem to find the MemoryCardReader with the Memorycard inside for my Camera...

So there will not be any good Photos but i thought i couldnt just let u down so i made some pics with my Phone.

Till now there were no aditives used in the FeedWater at all.

As u can clearly see the 4Way LST Plant is much Smaller than the 6Way LST one, as a result of this the Bigger one will allways have a stronger Groth and the Smaller one gets the leftovers and has a steady but slow groth.

This behaviour can change in Flowering but can allso persist until the Harvest, this info will first of be helpfull in identifying phenos and after that it will be helpfull for every future Grower of this Strain. Every of my Strain has its Diary with grow behaviours Parental problems and specific growtips for each Strain.

The whole Veg time will proceed longer than needed to achive a overfilled scroggScreen, not to push it for higher yields. This goes hand in hand with the High Stress we i want to keep up all thru out the Grow and to discover eventual Fungus Problems.

Enuff of my nonsense for now :P

Now its time for u to see What im talking about.


As allways if u have any Questions about anything just ask ;)








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So here we go i got finally some sharp Fotos for u :)

As we can see the 6Way LST coninues to Grow like crazy and the 4Way one is barely at the Net.

If anything conitues like this the Box will get sent into Flowering as soon is all 4 tops of the 4Way Plant reach the Screen.

So far tho it seems that there is food rivalery but its nothing mayor.

Otherwise im pretty happy the Plants seem Healthy and happy for now lets hope they can keep up the easyness :)










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Thanks mate for the photos and info! 


This looks set to be another great crop! We will be very attentive to the evolution;) 




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Well im not expecting large Yields ^^ As the Stresslevel really is high im more expecting lots of small Buds but thats not the point of the Grow anyways :)

All Yield and Blossoming Tests will follow in a much larger Scale when it can Proof in this Test to be worthy :P

Thx for ur Intresst man :)



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Veg time is over!

As it seems this Strain blossoms really well in Vegetationphase.

As the second Plant`s Branches reached the Screen, at the same Time First Plant allready pretty much filled all the Spece dedicated to her on the Screen.

It was the perfect time to go in to Flowering for my Cause.

The Smaller Plant will barely be able to spread over her screen maybe not even, the bigger on the other Hand will overfill her Side of the screen drasticly.

This will lead to 2 different Stresscauses and will deliver us good insight of the Plants behaviour.

First on the small Plant we will be able to see the cause of stress induced in higher underplant Teps and dryer/hotter soil.

On the Big Plant we will be able to see how she handles high moisture thx tho the absolute overfilled screen and cooler tho much moister clima under the Plant.

This will give us the first impressions about how ruggid this Plant is and if it has tendecy to Fungus, Rot, Pests and other minor issues.

untill now everything is growing really nicely even tho the Stressleven is at a Point where other Strains would slow groth down to a minimum for survival.

Teps are extremly high thru out the air is very dry and all the bending topping/fimming does the rest.

It seems as it succeded to create a nice Plant to ScroG yet im not sure how this will crystalize out in the end..

Im suspecting that the early stress that keept on thru out the life of the Plants will show either now at the switch to the Flowering or in late Flowering Stage.

With the switch they got theyr first ever Nutrients which are only TNT-Complex from hesi which is thyer Veg-Nutrient as it is pretty much only Nitrogen.

Ph is constantly held on 6.05 as i want to block out Calcium and Phosphorus as long as possible to ensure the maximum Potential of Groth as soon as the First budding is there and the Stretch starts to settle the Ph will be riseen to 6.5 to ensure maximum aviability ofthose two as they are essentially useless in Veg anyways.

This Ph change will give us a headstart in to the FloweringPeriod on the cost of slight Stress so it is optimal to keep up the stresslevel thru out the Period where im not Topping/fimming or any other HighStress causes.

Thats it for today

Pictures will be delivered in later stages again as there is no educaton value in pictures on the momentan state.


have a nice one


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So Time passed and there were quite some Happenings in my Tent.

First of they were longer in Veg as thought due to a broken Timer..

This isnts the biggest deal i guess as an overcrowded Screen was planned anyways, it just gets a little crazyer like this

Then i had to see sadly that the TNT Complex i used from hesi has gone bad..

This caused one of 2 things either it was an intoxication as the NPK values drasticly could have changed in the Process of degrading or that it got really sour and messed up my PH big time.

Either way the Solution was Flusching the whole thing with 150l of ph 6.5 Water.

That was done and the fresh leaves lokked haelthy again only a little to much Nitrogen is noticable as the fresch leafs are clawing which really isnt an Issue other than esteticly.

They are in Flowering stage now and really close to start Budding which means my scrog dutys are allmost over same as the stretch, which is really good as the Ideas where to tuck some sprouts really start to get non existent ^^

im pretty impressed that there are practically no sightns showing of all the Stress induced as my Lemon Skunk really can be a sissy and i was not certain if the PArtner could get rid of that issue which would be a huge gamebreaker for Scrog :)

Allso im pretty happy with the Growth over all everything looks apropriate and could potentially come to a clean end.

Budsites that dont get any light dont try to reach it by stretching like crazy rather they are not growing at all which is a nice Charasteristic as it makes the Growers life a lot easyer.

As allways i got some pictures for u. Sadly they are made with lights on so i had to black white and color corect them quite a bit to give u an accurate replica of the real colors which leads to a lot of sharpness loss aswell as light loss.

I hope u can still ejoy them :)










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