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What's good folks? I have joined this site as my first grow is in it's 1st week of the grow. I am a very first time grower. In my first week I've already accidently killed 4 of 6 plants by installing a new Hal light too close. (OOOPPPSSS!!!) They are all Brick seeds so don't fret too quick. I've done enough research to know I'm gone screw up, but I don't want to do that too often. I plan to have the whole set up running 100% flawless by Oct. 1st. I've picked this day because that's when I plan to start ordering seeds for my Specific Collection. The trick is, WE need all the inside help we can get. I've smoked plenty but never grew any. I'm no dummie, Design-Build skills off the hook!!! But I'm no jolly green Giant by a long shot.. So if someone out there can link up with Us & give us insites on grow techniques, I can design or build you a killer system in any design,shape, or whatever you can imagine. (It's my field: Const. Enger/ Proj. Mngmt) Our resources are somewhat limited as growing is outlawed in our state. But that wont stop us.. TY in advance for any help, tips, comments or anything else useful..... Feel free to get @ me anytime...... Uncle GrowLive -outty- 5000- G!!!!!!!

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Hello man welcome on SH forum!

Glad that you found the forum, and i hope it will help you to get started on your grows and get your skills better and better everytime ;) We all started someday and have all been newbies, and we still all are newbies in the end with sooo many things to learn! But for sure here is a good place to start at! You will find if you navigate a little in the forum many many threads about diferent growing techniques, grow reports, articles written by franco and many other infos ;)

If you have some problem to post or anything on the forum don't hesitate to contact me and i'll do my best to help you out

Have a god discovering of the place

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