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Alright guys.

This is my first indoor grow, i already read very much on other forums and tutorials, but some infos are different on each site.

First my setup: Low-budget ( well I´m a student^^). No real grow box, just a closet, which i will prepare with some foil to increase light reflection. I got a height restriction of about 80 cm, so I´ll do some LST on the plants (Super critical auto (GHSC) and Auto Bubble from female seeds.) I´m planning on growing two plants at a time. Seeds already popped (Auto bubble germ 06.09 and SuperCrit auto germ 07.09) and are in seedling soil pH 5.5 -6.0. Quite nervous about the auto bubble, still didnt break through the surface, but maybe i planted it slightly too deep, so it´ll need more time to get out. Lights: 125 W CFL with 12000 lumen and a 90 W UFO LED (The manufacturer states that this UFO is equal to at least a 250 W HPS). Planning on getting two LED boosters end of this month, now i just dont have the money. I cannot use much more electricity, too much risk in this country. Planning on doing a 20/4 or 18/6 cycle during vegphase and 16/8 in the flowphase. Also got some GHSC powder feeding for indicas and autos.

Feel free to comment on this setup, as i said, i´m a novice.

I got two special questions now because i didn´t find one version of an answer in the forums. Guess everyone has his own philosophy. First: Do i have to change the soil from seedling soil to flower soil when the plants have like 2-3 internodes? I thought about leaving the plants in this seedling soil for the whole growth cycle, because it is not fertilized. I guess it would be easier to know how much of the nutrients i got in the medium after feeding with the powder. Am I guessin right or just talkin shit? haha

Secondly I wanted to know how much EC you´re feeding to your plants (or how much would you feed to my strains) in every growth phase or by week. There are thousands of opinions in the forums, but most people use a much lower EC (Once I read that a guy keeps EC during the whole growth cycle at 1.0 to 1.2 depending on phase.) than it is proposed by Arjan and Franco in the GrowSessions. Dunno maybe they want to avoid many flushings because of salt buildup. I guess the right nutrition is damn important for autoflowers as to the short life of such a plant, so please help.

I`ll do a journal on the plants when I have the time.

I´m looking forward to your answers guys!

Peace and Bless

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thanks for the hints on soil and EC :) I´m surely gonna rely on Your grow Report, those Kalash ladies looked beautiful! Hope mine are gonna look even more beautiful! I´m gonna post pictures of the whole growth cycle when the plants are harvested ;) be sure to check it out in 2 months hehe

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hi man welcome on the forum and in the growing world ;)

Well first of all i read that in yor closet you re going to put some foil, if you mean aluminium foil you should avoid this it will make hot points and will not reflect much, if you can, some white paint will do a better job and is safer :) or if you want to invest a little you put some mylar, it's not really epensive but the hite paint will work great :)

And for the flushes it will be at the flowering time so ou have a little time ahead :)

Good luck man

For your soil, i use to use in soil the Light mix from biobizz during the whole cycle it is not too heavily feeded so the seedlings support it really well and it lets you start your feeding the way you want it when have the good age for it, where with stronger mix like the All-mix or some plagron mix you will have to be carefull when you will start feeding and you will start feeding later, so it was not my favorite choice ^^ but this is personal opinion, for your case if you already have the non fertilized soil, and don't want to buy another one, you can keep going this way you will just have to be atentive on feeding, if you don't have anymore of the non fertilized soil you can take a light mix for your repoting they will like it.

for the EC as long as they are seedling you should go very slowly if your soil is really sterile, around 0,2 to 0,3 and slowly increase when you see the color getting a little brighter, at 2 week of life you should be around 0,6 depending the stage of the plants and once you passed the 3rd level of leaves you can go around the EC 1 if you see the plants handle it, but it is not a rule, some plants will take lower some will take higher, to each strain it's level :)

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Thanks Dust!! haha I meant the mylar, it costs 2,50 € /1m, comparing to the costs i´ve already put into this that´s nothing ;) Alright my plants are on day 5 now(from Germination) and today (11.09.) will be the 3rd day since they broke through soil surface, so can I start feeding them with that 0,2 or 0,3 EC? they look like they really could take some to make a jump in height. Also I don´t understand the feeding hint on the GHSC powder " every other feeding". So how often should I feed them? I know I know "use your green thumb" but there surely is an approximate rule to this, I´d like to know :D Greetz to You guys, again thanks for the lovely support!!

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if you have a little root stimulant or something like this, root juice, bio heaven etc it's the best for the first week, if you don't yeah start really really slowly on the nute and see how they react. at the beginning i would give only once every 2 or 3 watering the nutes, and when they say every other feeding i bleieve it means everytime you water, not sure sure but i believe so, and if you flush frequently during the flowering you can easily feed at almost every watering, maybe not during first weeks but later on yes.

Good luck :)

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