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Trash and Tipping

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While out walking yesterday I came across a bin liner containing stalks and a root ball from our beloved herb dumped at a local beauty spot. This is by no means the first time I've seen this in my area. Iv'e seen Nutrient bottles, what looked like the best part of a grow room (Mylar sheeting plywood pots and clay pebbles) and on one occasion literally hundreds of bin bags each containing 2 root balls at regular intervals along a lonely road which looked as if they must have been thrown from a moving truck. If you Grow it it is YOUR responsibility to dispose of any waste responsibly, ideally by recycling. If you can' t then you have no business growing it and your herb will be crap anyway 'cos it's contaminated by your bad karma.

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In countries where cultivation is illegal, it is normal to see that kind of thing. People are afraid to use areas of recycling, it is evident that may have problems. 


I share your idea and ideals, do not pollute. But we should start, not to be afraid, to legalize.

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