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Hello everyone! let me introduce myself to you


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I'm a law student from Finland, that is so addicted to weed that I've started to grow it indoor and outdoor for the past year. I'm still new into growing but i'm learning fast new techiques and doing better every grow that I do.

The Amsterdam is my favorite town in the world and I've also been there twive enjoying pot and exploring the cannabis culture out there.

Somehow I started to feel tired so I gotta go sleep.

Take care!

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hi man welcome on SH forum ;)

glad to have a future lawyer among us if you wish to become layer, or maybe something else in the law business? but anyways maybe you will have some nice infos to share with us about laws or tips who knows for the smokers ;)

If you have any problem on the forum don't hesitate to ask me and i'll see if i can help you out :)

Have a good discovering of the forum

See ya online

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