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new to GH, not to growing

Herb Johnson

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Hi all my "name" is herb Johnson, I'm a grower of all plants by many different ways. I grow hydro indoors and out. I provide my family with health veggies and salad from my outdoor hydro and aquaponic setups and on occasions I run a little indoor in the cooler sessions for my self. All from a small residential block. I have always grow seed from what I found in my smoko until a few years ago when my sister went to Amsterdam, I took this opportunity to give her a shopping list witch consisted of GHS White window, Super silver haze, bubba kush, and white Russian from another seed bank that I won't name, She came home with one lot and sorry GHS it was the Russian. So I am still yet to try your genetics. I don't grow for quantity I grow for flavor first effect second and yield last. Its almost summer in oz so I don't have anything growing now but next session I will be trying to get my hands on your genetics. I like it fruity so what do you guys and girls recommend ?

Here's a pic of me pushing my 400watt hps to its limits a few years ago. (White Russian x3 and a smoko seed that looks a lot like blueberry)


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Hey man welcome on SH forum :)

BNice way o introduce yourself with some happy babies like this ;) Don't worry about naming other seedbanks too you can name whoever you want around here ;)

I hope you will enjoy the place and all the journals the members have shared and infos and all and all :)

If you have any problem on the forum send me a message and i'll do my best to help you out

Have a good discovering of the place

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