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Joker John

Into the Chemdog Jungle

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Hey Hunters Welcome to my Jungle

Let me introduce u to 8 beautiful chemdogs from gh in 8 dwc buckets under 400w hps & 600w , & might also add a 250w hps during flowering.

Nutrient line being used is Short flowering Powder feeding by green house & the tent being use is a 1.5 x 1.5x 2m Silver box flipped on its side




Training Starts


Nice and healthy



One Big Trim before flowering


And Now 5 days into flowering


Thats it for now O _ O

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Holly molly! Thanks for sharing that beautiful room man!! I love when we can see many weeks in one update like this, especially from seedling to flowering! They have had a very nice growth, with some good training from you and a nice room so everything is ready for some big harvest :D

How are you liking the Short flowering so far?

Have a good grow man keep us updated ;)

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Cheers dust

Im loving the Short flowering PF , so simple and easy to use i just ordered another kg of it as im almost out :)

Just gave the girls another big trim to let the light in more while they are stretching i would usually have hit them 20 days after the first big trim but its been only about 10 or 12 but they really need it for sure , you can see the differnce its makes with the light reaching through the whole plants, if u compare before and after photos...... and im not bothered if it stunts them in stretch... gona give them another few more days then pull the girls down and set them up for budding

Heres some before and after pictures of the trimming i just did also rotated the plants




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Wow this strain has vigor that is for sure! , just watched the grow session video on chemdog by arjan and franco ,

wish i had watched it before

:D then i could have seen how much these girls explode! :D

anyway guys back with pictures going to strip the girls again tomorrow take off alot of leafs and then bend the girls right back down

they have for the most part stopped stretched , i trained half the plants yesterday so u will be able to see the trained side nice and low and the untrained

:D ( almost hitting the top )


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damn for sure htey have grown vigorously!! careful with the AAW so close to the tent check sometime to make sure it doesn't get too hot on the tissue, i wouldn't like to read everything went on fire :rabbi: :rabbi:

But very nice grow man that room is gonna be full of hanging buds in a matter of weeks :D

Thanks for the news have a good flowering!

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Still goooooinnnnng






thats its guys what can i say , chemdog + hydro + Powder feeding = GOLD


950g after dryin 3 days before curing , pretty great considering i was only using a 400w hps and 600w hps ;)


special shout out to dust thanks for watching buddy sorry to keep ya waiting ;)

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damn man that's a nice Xmas present ;)


Those ladies hae turned out really nice it seems, funny to see how they almost all turned back to 1 bladed leaves in flowering, i've seen it on a few strains before but don't remember on the chemdog, i'll have to check that ^^ but for sure they've gotten really well, filed up nicely in end of flowering and made some nice buds! And almost a KG of weed is nice score :)


Have a good curing and smoking man thanks for your report and the shoutout ;) You know i'm here for this and i LIKE IT ;)

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Thanks for the kind words guys , smoke was  really great , i had a few plants that went more sativa like and the high from them was a really head high ( stoned ) feeling  was great to mix it with the autobomb ( body high ) and get the best of both. the pungent smell from chemdog was great  whenever i crack open a jar it instantly fills the room with a over powering dank smell hard to contain :D , my carbon filter struggled this grow and i think i wont be growing chemdog again untill i get better smell control , , but i really loved this strain and would recomend it anyone thats looking for a big yeilding- fast growing plant 

:D :D

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