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NFT system, 3 week of flowering, need advice


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Hello dear friends,

This is the second time I start my nft system, the first I had to cut because I had put the Clones male. : P

But now I've made a mess, who gave my plants to an aspect very ugly.

I used tap water, which has a 0.3 ec.

TMP nutrient solution between 18> 22 ° max

PH 5.5> 5.7

40% humidity during the day, 60% night

supply with powder feeding.

The plants show leaf clawbut they are not yellowed, the color is bright green.

The growth is uneven, but despite this, the root system is healthy and well developed.

My question is, is it worth continuing the cultivation, given the current state of the plants.

Or cut everything and start over?

I would not waste any more time, fertilizer, and current.










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i wouldnt have thought an NFT system would be right for MJ plants,

the leaf claw could be a few things.. too much nitrogen... or over watering..

with nft you need to run nutrients all the time, so it could be either

for your PH i would raise that to around 6.3 give or take a few points. 5.5 is way too low this coiuld be locking out other nutrients and giving the plants too much N

all in all tho, they do look healthy.. so maybe just try to raise that PH and see how they react over the next day or so.

also do you foliar feed?

you could try some salt free soda water, spray when the lights are on, this will give the plants a bit of a co2 boost.

HAS to be salt free, so just look for 'carbonated water'

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thank you very much, it was what I wanted to know.

I will do as you said, today will replace it with fresh water, and set its pH to 6.3, I would also like to add a small dose of nutrients to bring to EC 1.0,1.2 max, since the plants are turning from 2 days with only water.

What do you say?

Then, spray them with carbonated water.

I'll keep you updated on upcoming changes.

for the moment .. thanks again of aid

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hi man! Like Sukon i'm not sure of what it could be, maybe a little overfeeding on one of the macro indeed they do look like it, but nothing really really serious to think about cutting them for me, unless you have seen them slow down for 1 month now :P but otherwise i would ty his advice of maybe rise a little the PH and see how the react, and yes i would also give them the EC 1 or slightly below if you want to make sure they don't starve :)

Good luck man let us know if it evolves!

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yeah, with NFT you have to run nutrients all the time, theres no medium to hold any salts.

When using a medium, the salts get trapped in the porous holes.. like in clayballs or perlite, you can get away with using straight water for a day or so because of this salt build up.

with your NFT system, being medium free you dont have these salts build up any where near as much so you cant run straight water for too long, maybe to give them a bit of a clean you can get away with it for a few hours, but then they need to go back onto nutrients.

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thanks again guys for the comprehensive answers.

I'm a little crazy, and when I see that the girls do not feel good, I have the easy cut: P.

But certainly, thanks to your advice, I can go ahead, I just hope that soon they will give signs of improvement, so as to pull a bit on. :P

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should also check roots, in a system like this, i had root problems on a few plants in a system i used.

no brother, roots are really healthy.

I've probably only exaggerated with the nutrients.

now it seems they are catching up.

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any update? new growth better? the only time I've seen growth similar was a timer/lighting error with the growers math being wrong and accidentally setting to 14-16hrs instead of 12hrs for BLOOM :) I'm not suggesting that you've overlooked that, but those plants look confused.

all the best bro, and hope the system turns around

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I think my only mistake was, EC a bit high, and the pH a little lower.

This has meant that shock my plants.

now it seems that are blooming well, to have a good green color, not too intense.

A short will post some pictures.

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dont cut your root sytem this would be the reason way you have Bonzi plants. As long as the roots are not blocking the flowof water there is no need bigger the root system the bigger and healthier the plant will be.

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