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Guwerilla no comment grow


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Looking really good, looks like a lot of different varieties. It would be nice to know more about your girls.

They are not mine but from friends friends :biggrin:

The big ones up to 3m with big buds are Frisian Dew the other big ones that are way back are Early Skunk (not early at all) and the small ones just 1,20 high are Double Fun

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looing vlery nice manlooks like your friends friend is gonna have a nice harvest ^^

Thanks for sharing man hos are the smells on those ladies?

Decent,very decent.They did a good job on making it decent. Doule Fun has a lemon scent but they are also way back. You know that is point here in cebtral Europe: make them flower early. buds have to show up in august, not september

But man, tell me what GHS strain I will grow next year??? I want to breed your strains but I need info.

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:-), lovely, in Holland quite hard to find now and then; every cm² is touched by men, makes a guerillagrow exciting though!! 

At the moment preparing for a guerilla next year....got the materials, all I need to do now is spotting ''spots''.  


Yep, Holland def.  needs some renaturing and coming back to the roots, sometimes I feel like in a model railway landscape and some towns like Den Haag look like a future town from Disney cartoons.....but even there you can find spots with a magic touch, just ask your spirits.

Or maybe go to northern belgium, it shoul be easier there....

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