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Bud Of The Month Contest - October


Bud of the month contest - Ocotber  

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  1. 1. which bud is your favorite ?

    • gonzosghost and his AK47
    • Gaz and his Afgooey
    • MCRadikal and his Peyotte purple

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We are now accepting nominations for the bud of the month contest.

Please submit a photo/video of your best bud. The bud must be your own grown.

Once all nominations are in we will all start to vote for a winner, we will keep the contest going until the last few days of the month .
The winner will receive a badge that says. Bud of the month winner.

Rules :
1. Entrys must include original photos/videos of your own bud. The bud photo/video may include several buds or a cola.
2. Entrys must include only photos/videos of the bud, but you may add one photo/video for a reference point for size or a close up A.K.A macro shot
3. Maximum of 2 photos/videos per member. You CAN NOT update or change or delete your photos through out the month. Once you have entered you have entered.
4. Make sure you upload your photos to the strain hunters server. And videos to Growhd.tv or Youtube.com
5. The buds must be dry and in ready to smoke form they can not still be alive or on a plant.
6. Self-nominations only!
7. No voting for yourself. if you vote for yourself your entry and vote will be removed.
8. Don't enter in the contest previous entries smile.png
10. You have post a comment with your vote so it counts!

If you do not read the rules and your entry is not in compliance with the rules. Your entry will be taken down and you can not enter again till the next contest.

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Well my friends I found an amazing surprise in the depths of the turmoil that is my old grow room :) I was tidying up after a month of not going in there, I couldn't bear to see it. I finally went in today and the police raiders have left behind a small lower cola from one of my 30 AK-47 ladies! It is dry enough to smoke as it has been a month :) A little damp with high humidity nights but after an hour in the living room with me it's nice and dry :)

Im sorry, if the police are reading this....im gonna smoke it tonight as my sleeping patterns are way off :( This might help, again...im sorry to any officers reading this as it's my only option at this point...

So for the last time in a long while I will enter one of my buds, this final survivor is a beacon of hope :) It's Ak-47 from Serious Seeds, She is a clone bud, grown in a coco/perlite mix :) She smells sour, like the stinky Sweet Mango pheno, So strong :) I can smell her even though she is in a tin and in my pocket :).....the gods chose to spare her from seizure and a cold evidence room :)



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