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Posted by chimichanga grate info Posted Yesterday, 05:22 AM

CBD is the key to the anxilotic part of the illness, and thc controls the hyperactivity,

the more active the patient more more thc is neede to calm ,


it is used in the states mate for this alone, ya obviously dont know much about the endo canabinoid system and the recoeptors in the mind neuro pathways transmitters or effects or various trichomes on the human body, effects of thc cbd cbg cbn ds on human tissue and chemical reactions electro currents etc this is my erra,

most illnesses come from a defficiency in the endo which are aided with canabis. every strain has different levels and is for different reasons , peopel who take cannabis with no illness are abusing medication, although not harmful, ... woudl one take a cancer patients tablets cause they made you feel better ? every single strain is marked for a different illness every level of terpine will react differently on the mind, giving you a high, the reason you recieve that high is cause you are overdosing that chemical in your mind, and getting a side effect (we enjoy) but for a person deficient in that chemical ...say fybromyalgia woulndt recieve a high but return to a normal state,

its nto as simple as sayign that one tho as there is say 5 that hold that chemical, but have different levels in othert terpines the patient didnt need so then you fidn ones lower insuch,

eg the otto#1 was made a low THC high CBD so that patience requiring CBDs coudl take this but didnt require the THC, for instance a girl with siesures 9 times aday she was 2 years old, the THC would have monged her out so this strain which gave the CBD stoped the siesures and instead of being in a coma and brain damaged now she has full lease of life...

this is just 1 strain recently developed for levels of a certain terpine, if legalised and reserarched EVERY terpine can be singled out and made medicinal.

but until then ive got the otpion of beign on pills. zombied and not remebering what i have doen in the day problems peeing and alot more side effects

or i can choose certain strains which help me deal with my condition with no side effects, i went from being a suisidal person who was aggressive and didnt know what i had done in the morning,i didnt dare leave the house i was isolated and freaked out, i had been rushed into hospital with heart block as my heart stoped a reaction i was having at night to the levels of pills i had to take, i literatly stoped breathing and go cold quite often at night

or on cannabis interact with my children, to being able to work play run speak to people,

"Consistent with the hypothesis that marijuana can be an effective treatment for depression and other mood disorders, there appears to be a sharp decrease in the suicide rate of 15- through 19-year olds males in the treatment states as compared to the control states approximately two years after legalization...

Our results suggest that the legalization of medical marijuana is associated with a 5 percent decrease in the total suicide rate, an 11 percent decrease in the suicide rate of 20- through 29-year-old males, and a 9 percent decrease in the suicide rate of 30- through 39 year-old-males. Estimates for female suicide rates are generally measured with less precision and are sensitive to functional form...

i could go reallty technical on this if your interested? i do alot of research into this big time, science is my key subject , if you wenat to know about real medical ,

look up rick simpson run from the cure at precent i am helping a cancer patient and a lady who suffers from fybromyalgia, which is a deficiency in mg caused by a blockage in the pineal gland which most her symtoms have been relieved by cannabis to which that she can move aroudn without being in her wheelchair or mobility scooter, in total pain .she takes it in food, as it is absorbed via the intestines and then passes through the liver, which processes the THC into a byproduct called 11-hydroxy-THC, which then travels to the bloodstream and then on to our brains. 11-hydroxy THC is thought to be four to five times more potent than regular THC. This is one reason why edibles are known to be more potent when compared to inhaled cannabis. Edibles are also thought to be strong sedatives and many patients use them for treatment of insomnia.


Green free and alive




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Muy interesante tio, gracias por compartir.


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