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Washington D.C., the U.S. Capital set to legalize marijuana!!!!

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What is the world coming to!!!? Washington D.C., the U.S. Capital set to legalize marijuana!!!! This is fantastic news! the war on drugs is ending!!!


For the europeans, dont confuse washington state (which already legalised) with washington D.C. the countries capital!


More info see this video: http://edition.cnn.com/video/?/video/us/2013/10/25/tsr-sot-marsh-dc-proposal-decriminalizes-marijuana.cnn&iref=allsearch


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No way! I did confuse the two, I thought they were one in the same but the fact that DC is onboard then there's no stopping it now!! I knew the only way that cannabis will be legalised is when there's money involved.....sad but true....but then not so sad of course :) Mixed emotions, mostly overjoyed, lol :)

The economy could do with a boost over here in the UK, we are still not close to legalisation. It pains me to say but it may take 15-20 years for our stuck up political views to recognise that there are facts which cannot be ignored and that legalisation can help this mess :( Its gonna take something profound to happen....I wonder how the prime minister David Cameron would feel if one of his children had untreatable epilepsy....a change of policy maybe? I don't know :)

If the US can realise their errors over the last 80 years then I can't see why we can't, they had some the most medieval laws put in place for this plant and now it's being overturned :) Please please let the rest of the world follow :)

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