DAMNESIA!! Handyman , The day before the bust before we stopped,

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so not a lot to say really ,,

Here is a vid of the plants going the day before the Bust a few months ago,,


I thought I post it for the cup coming up,,

plus also I think the Damnesias are looking AMAZING worst is we never got to even taste it!


sorry guys iv forgotten how to get a youtube vid up,, any help?? so I can post the vid not the link just

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to post a video, click the third button in the editor (on the top left corner of the text editor) "Special BBcode" and choose media, paste the url in there, like this:


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thanks for sharing your last ladies man, such a shame you didn't get to try those! They are for sure a lovely smoke strain! and i hope you will be able to finally figure it out by yourself someday close enough :)

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lol I will mate all in the pipe line !!! IL BE BACK LOL

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