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NFT system help pls

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Hi ho all hope everyone is good. Basicly was looking for a bit of Info on the NFT systems as my DWC system had a massive faliure so my friend decided to give me his previous 8ft NFT system that he says he has had some realy good results with but, me myself im not to clued up on the system itself.


Iv currently got some ICE cuttings in 4inch rockwool with nice roots showing from the bottom of cubes already i was wondering can they just go right on the tray itself or should i find larger cubes or if not a slab.

Also any info or tips on this system would be sweet.


I would ask my mate but he is about 160 miles away and if honest he has had more than a fair share of phone calls so far.


Thanks in advance



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should be fine to plant like it is not sure what system u have but they might need some cley pebbles for support u want them to get heavy so it needs support

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Hi mate thanks for the reply, see the below link for the system im seaking about.



I thought adding pebbles would ruin the flow of the water through the system. Let me know what you think and any advice would be amazing



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doesn't look like u can use clay pebbles to make em steady, i can't see how that system works from picture, like where does plants go and where is the solution flowing over roots so can't advice u on that part :D but maybe someone else knows that particular system


just watched a youtube video u have holes in ur lid that goes on top so u probebly use just rockwool 4" and support plant as it grows, but ask ur m8 he knows what he signed up for when he sold u the system.

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I would pop them 4inch into some bigger 8 or 12 inch rockwools. or depending on the amount your doing on that table- you can put them 4 inch into a normal 6 or 8 inch pot with holes in bottom then, fill the pot with clay untill you feel as tho you have the support you need. its all about numbers and size, as to the correct solution. imho.

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4 inch is fine, you need to lay on top of tray.    (Spreader mat`s)


That will allow your roots to spread and keep them nice and moist. As the water runs down the channels in tray and keeps the spreader mat wet. Also, excess water runs off at the end.


Start your cuttings off at 400 ppm, ease them in to feeding.


It`s excellent when you work it out, NFT rocks : )



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And don't forget to buy, a PH meter and a ppm meter. It`s going to cost you about £120.00, but well worth it. As these tool`s, are sooooo important.


I feed my girl`s by ppm, not by just adding nutrient's and As recommended by the chart`s. It`s best not to guess, better to know. Stops you crying at the end lol


Happy growing peace

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NFT systems are great ive used this system for all my clones for over 20yrs. I  just use the smaller blocks and fill the tray with clay balls and feed for 15min every 4hrs  :cool:

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