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what happend to ambertrichomes

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My story starts  well im a grower who was a frequent visitor here a place i found like home and loved to be a part of it.

at the same time in my circle of friends was a guy who was a pal for 30+ yrs and his cousin. whom I fell with and wrote off a combined grands worth of debt an just said dont come back. over the next few weeks these two morons proeeded to diluge my door with deliveries pizza , fast food, culminating with a locksmith when i was out of the house whcih caused the main problem I arrived at my door with a locksmith busting it open so acted in an erratice manner and attacked him (thought i was being robbed) the offended locksmiths mate phoned the police who in turn found my bud, grow and altered electriity meter.ended up getting done with assault, breach of the peae(due to time) cultivation,misuse. Done  13 out of 26 weeks and £2000 fine from leccy company. Was wondering do reckon my ex mate was trying to make sure i got caught or just trying to wind me up? Hes moved into obscurity since and thinks no-one knows where he stays.

I Have now served my time in custody and on license , paid my fine and gained a new place to grow , over the next few  weeks I will slowly be putting it together and posting updates as i do not Intend to give up Complete the opposite in fact.

And I have missed being able to vist this foum sort of feel like ive ame home again.

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Welcome back mate. Damn strange story. What a mezz!
But we are glad to have you back. I personally juat thought you moved on to better things but i see now where you went.
Look forward and stay focus. Fuck those negative vibe-people.

So now we can look forward to new updates and yummy-yummy buds?


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for sure tokage its been a bad trip but got to move on, and as i said already have new premises and an assortment of seeds. Just waiting for the delivery of  3 new lights with parabolic reflectors, three big wilma 4's, a new 8" rhino and ruck fan, ec truncheon and ph pen. And should hopefully be posting my new grow within the next week or two. As a Scot I take inspiration from Robert the Bruces great saying "if at first you don't succeed try, try again. so fuck the system , fuck the pro active and fuck the Sdea. I only follow God's  law and growing weed doesn't break any commandments.  Stay cool bro and watch this space..

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Sounds like you are almost back to normal. I been busted a few times as well. It takes courage to get back on the horse. Honestly what the fuck else can we do?

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damn pretty crazy story full of unexpected things man! Sorry to read about the so called 30yo pal and his cousin! Hope they will get what they deserve, Karma is a bitch :)

Like i said in the other thread man good to have you back around, welcome home :)

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Dam that's f. K up, life is a strange game of poker at times.

Your mate is a nob, do not look for him there will be plenty of time for that later if that's what is on your mind.

I would just let it go and get on with your life for now,and do not let any one know where you are that's no one at all.

Good luck to you

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