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The best intro is a Budporn intro

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Hi all. Melvan here. Girl grower and seed maker from the states. Been at it a long time, am pretty active on other boards, actuallly found this place through twitter. Like what I've read, and I see a lot of accomplished growers posting some gorgeous bud porn.


I run a perpetual grow in Pro-Mix BX. Veg under T5s, flower under 1Ks, use the GroTek line of feeds, and I believe the K.I.S.S. method is the only method, lol. I'm a collector of classic lines and do what I can to preserve my girls in seed form. 


This is my currently flowering 1998 Greenhouse Super Silver Haze. This gal was grown from a pack of seeds bought in 'dam at the cup that year.  





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Hello melvan welcome on SH forum!  Glad to have a new girls member around here :) I wish we could have more laldies showing us their grows they usually have a special tenderness with the plants that gives some lovely ladies added to the skills :D

I Hope you will keep enjoying the place for a long time and keep on giving us some nice porn like this! Don't hesitate to open a thread in the flower picture thread for all your GHS strain, and for other breeders we have another room too but feel free to share all the porn you have we always enjoy a good porn ;)


If you have any problem on the forum don't hesitate to ask me out and i'll do my best to help you out.

Have a good discovering of the place!

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Thanks for the welcome. I'm one of those who likes to try everything, so right now in my stable I only have the 98 SSH. And no matter who the breeder is, all porn is good porn! lol.

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Welcome to the site Melvan :)

Hope you enjoy the site and all its great content :) By the looks of things you've already got this growing thing down :) You may have things to teach us! You also can't hurt your popularity with a porn intro, lol :)

The 98 SSH is amazing, one of my favourite hazes...reminds me of days gone by :) I have this Haze fetish, lol :) Please open a thread if you have the time somepoint :) I will be there to see that sexy silver pictures :)

Take care and I'm sure we'll talk weed soon :)

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I can talk weed all day, nonstop, lol. 


I've been at it for a good long time. I'm a 43 years old housewife, did my first grow od when I was 17 with my uncle, next year on my own, been at it ever since. I moved totally indoors about 10 years ago. I share clones of things I want to see run outdoors with some local od friends who are good to share their guerillas with me when I need it. 


I'm pretty sure, from what I'm seeing in the threads, that I have very little to teach anyone here, lol.

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