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planning on buying one soon, anyone any advise on witch one's preform well?

tought bout a arizer solo, are they any good for smoking oils and other concentrates? 

if it wasnt that pricy i'll would buy one straight away...

grtz redhot

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hi man. i have never tried those arizer you talk about?  what kind of vaporizeer do you want? a portable one like a pen or a big one like the volcanos?

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thinking about it i am a outdoor smoker so beter something portable

and nothing in glass becaus that wont last long...

there should be a shop in adam where u can try different vaporizers, never came a cross of something like that...

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well in the portable vaporizer the Atmos pen ( i think it's the name)  seems to be the best value i think because it is mainly using titanium even around the smoking part i believe, where others are mainly in plastic. i used the Trippy sticks many times too and it works great and smokes good!

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hmm, trippy sticks, never heard of these before, is that brand available in europe?

dont think i have seen these around

there are so many diffrent vaperz  man

the volcane-like from arizer costs less then the solo version, and that one seems to be a hit as i read

as my first vap i dont want to spend lot and it may not be complicated and big,

i do have E GO T pens, electric cigarettes, looks just like that trippysticks u mentiont, mmm dont think i can smoke oil n these, dont want to ruin them

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yeah they are pretty similar to regular Ecigs, but i'm not sure that they can run oil neither inside the regular Ecigs. in the trippysticks you can run anything from oil to budder, wax etc.. all extracts and very good clean hashes too. I'm not sure if they distirbute in Europe tho it is an american brand and not very old. If you come to the Cup in AMS you should find some as the guy will be there. Otherwise a lots of others work just fine like the Dab'R pen, G-pen etc..


And for the big volcano like vaporizer i think my fav is the Verdamper so far :) Just love the hit :)

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