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Melvan's Flowering Gals

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I think I've got the right spot here. I run lots of different strains from lots of different seed makers, and from my own seed makings of course.  Currently I run a 98 SSH that I'll start a little grow thread on in the GHS flowering forum. I think this is the right spot to toss up pics of my other gals.

This is Buckeye Green at day 22. She's one of my own workings. She's in a 3 gal bucket of ProMix BX, I use no additives. I follow the GroTek feed wheel, with a few little tweaks of course. All my vegging is done under T5s, flowering under 1K. 






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Ahhh you did open a porn thread, lol :)

Cant wait to see the 98 Jack Herer in full swing :) Always liked Jack, you just don't get it as much as you used to where I'm from :)

Looks liked you topped or FIM'd her early on, nice bushy girl :) Love it ;)

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Thanks for stopping by and taking a peek.


As my girls veg, when I see good spots to pinch tops, I do it. My perpetual schedule tends to give me about 60 days of veg for clones, so they get a nice long time to turn into pretty bushes while they wait to hit the flower room. For the last 3 years I've been running in 1 gallon buckets for pheno hunting/seed making purposes. But now that I have my dedicated parents for a bit, I'm able to do bigger gals, and I'm very happy about it. 


The Jack is super pretty buds and smoke, but sensitive like old Jack can be. I have to watch her feed close, and as soon as I see brown tips stop the nutes. She doesn't like treatments for pests at all, if I have any issue I have to treat her outside the regular flower room with pyrethrins only.  

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nice looking ladies for sure, i actually love the shape of girls grown under T5 during the veg and i think if i have to choose a dedicated veg light for a grow room of my own when i will get back to it. it will probably be those! just love how they make the space between stages tight and overall healthiness :)

And with 1k for flowering for sure it seems like we are going for a nice show in here ;)


And yes you are in the right place if you just wish to share some good porn like this for us :)

If you plant on making a nice Grow journal with weekly updates etc.. you will find probably a little more followers by posting it in the Grow journal room ;) otherwise here is perfect :)

Have a good grow and thanks for sharing your ladies! keepp on sharing :)

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I run so many different plants that I don't really do a grow journal, I just post up pics of whatever gals are out for feed that day with what ever info applies. So not really an organize grow journal. 


Put these 2 starts of my own cross of Hog x GrapeGod on 12/12 last night. I made these beans about 3 years ago and so far have found some very nice ladies. I'll have to see if I can dig up some porn of some of the other ladies. 


I run all seed plants in 1 gals to get the feel of them before doing big plants from clone. These are in 1 gal buckets of Pro-Mix, about 45 days of veg with one topping. Plant on the right did not react well to Azamax treatment, bit of foliage issues, but it'll grow out of it.


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