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Question for the pros

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Still very much the newbie, I'm on about my fourth grow. This one is Nirvana's Master Kush about 12 weeks from seed. 


To keep the plant from growing too tall (security), I topped it at about 5 weeks, producing two long stems which I then trained down. The plant responded well with two  horizontal rows of buds, which I try to show in the photo. Photos aren't really in order but it's pretty obvious what's what.


There was a bit of drama a week or so ago when in trying to tie down one of the stalks there was a small split at the Y, but no fibers were severed so I quickly pressed it back together, wrapped it tight in string and put some tape around it-- no harm seems to have been done.


However I can't tell how close they are to finishing. The buds aren't chunky, the way they have been with my previous grows. I figured that they just need more time to fill out, but now I notice that the little white grow tips on the buds are starting to turn brown. Does that matter? Can I expect more chunky bud production, or am I in for a crop of long, skinny buds? 









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It is pretty easy my friend. Usually growers check those pistils and wait until they turn brown or brownish. This is by no way a indication that the plant itself is ready only that she is beginning the end of her grow cycle . To be 100% sure you need to check those tricomes with a magnifying glass(100x zoom does the trick).
Now comes the tricky part, how do you want your weed?

Harvest the plant while the tricomes are see thru will give you a up-high
Harvest when they are cloudy or milky and you get a more even balance.
Harvest when they are amber and you will get a more indica like down-stone.

So what i suggest you do. Keep doing the same strains a few times and harvest when the tricomes are different. That way you will learn what you like and want.

A good tip is to harvest Sativa when the tricomes are a bit amber and harvest Indica when the tricomes are just turning milky and just a few is see thru.
That way you keep a good balance in pure Sativa or Indica strains.
In the end no one can tell you what you like and it´s a trial but no error kind of thing.

Good luck mate.

EDIT: Some strains get brownish pistils even in the middle of the grow so do not assume they are getting ready just because they are turning. Always check with a magnifying glass...


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Thanks tokage, that's all helpful. I've noticed some thickening of the buds over the last week, which is what I was hoping  for. I dragged the plant inside to catch some clearer photos.





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yes like Tokage said the pistils will not indicate she is ready :) and you can expect a little more chunky buds, it will not be big hard buds  but will for sure get a reasonable diameter it seems :) She will continue to fill up in between the buds and i hope you will show us how it turns out ;)


Have a good grow

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She looks like she could use few more weeks bro. And as tokage said you should invest in a powerful magnifying glass or a jeweler`s eye, to view the trichs . Depending on what type of high you wish to have,.... clear starting to get milky = head high/ daytime. Milky is still nice for daytime. Milky and starting to turn amber here and there, heavier high, perf time !! Lil more amber almost all amber Perf !!!  couch lock high.  Wait too long and the trichs start to degrade..  Harvest in the morning at first light and bring to cool dark room. Best for outdoor I find. You may result with smaller rather then large kolas since your plant looks very sativa dom. 

Good luck n happy harvest !! . 

PS. good job on the supercropping (tying), a personal fav trick !

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