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white widow under led

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kind of purple lol ;) but looks like some tight buds are in preparation :) do you have some pics without the light?

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Hey hellfingers , I always like to see LED grows and luckily for me there more and more people doing it :D


She's a pretty lady for sure and bound to pack some more weight in the next couple of weeks.


As much as I like seeing psychedelic LED pics (I like to include a few in my grow journal) it makes for better viewing on the forums if you take pictures with the lights off.


I take my pics fairly close using the camera flash, by placing a piece of masking/decorateors paper tape over the flash it avoids pictures having too much glare and give a more diffused light.


By taking pictures in this way it enables us to see the condition and the health of the plant in a more neutral light and also be able see your sparkely chystals in all thier glory.


The tape over the flash is also really good for close up shots which will make our bud porn fans very happy ;)


All in all looking very nice and I'm looking forward to lots more pics as she matures.


Keep up the good work and happy growing





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Thay look good her is my effort 2 WW 1Blue cheese 1Grenn house shees 1sweet grapefruit 1 cotton candy 1ace tiger 1super chees

1 Scoobydoo chees 1? Chees,all under grow nothan led and a North Star HUD withe a 250 osram for heat suppliment






















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Oh wow those big buds were grown under led lights???!!! Amazing, I always wondered what kind of weight you could pull under an led. Please keep us updated (or at least just me haha jk) I would love to know! Thanks for posting this..

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yes they are looking like some nice buds :) Dont hesitate to share them in a grow journal of their own ;)


Have a good grow

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Hi all thank your for you input, the wet weight was 61oz the dry was not to good 15 oz way to hot where I dry out but that's life .


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Honestly that's not a bad pull at all under 2 medium sized leds! Enjoy your smoke, and remember to keep your trim and use it for any different concentrates... never leave any fallen soilders behind!!! Lol

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Thank you, I lost 75% this time compered to a lost of 56% last time this is unexceptable IMO I have to change the end process I know where I have go wrong and I will be changing the sett up, rectifying this is a must .

So to cap it off 1 lumigrow pro 325 and a 1 Northstar Lighting Systems withe a 250 bulb.

Next time there will just be the lumigrow 325 and a 3802 (1). 125 Watt Cfl and one brume bubbler with (1) Amnesia Haze in let's see what we can do withe this o and on WW as well I think .

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