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Hydroponics & powderfeeding beginner

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I am new to hydroponics, I want to use only strain hunters strains ( afgooey, money maker & caboose ) but I'm wondering if anyone has any info they could give me as to the powderfeeding. Can I just plant my seeds add the water & then just powderfeeding or do I need a secondary additive? Or could I just from start to finish go all the way with short flowering powderfeeding nutrients?? Your honest & non negative feedback is appreciated. Thank you all.

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no you don't need any other additive and yes u can go all the way from start to finish with powderfeeding nutrients. keep it simple :D

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Hi crimea, Like zub0 said you can go with it withotu any additives from the beginning to the end of grow. You just have to control your PH and the dose of Powderfeeding you give them. For example at the beginning you will give around 0,2g/L of PF more or less, it depends te size of reservoir etc.. but it's an exampel ;) And in full flowering depending on the strains you will be around 1G/L which will give you more or less 1,8 EC if you use regular tap water.



the only case where you will need an additive is if you use RO water r rain water for you plants, you will then need to add a very little cal/Mag to your mix as the RO water desn't contain any.


I hope you will share your PF grow on the forum i will be happy to follow ;)

Have a good grow!

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i too have found powder feeding to be very simple in dwc. if you want the best out the powder feed i would get an EC meter and start slow. i like to back off powder feed late in flowering and add 2 different bloom boosters so there is plenty of PK and less N. My 2 cents.

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in week 1-4 flowering I use Hammerhead and lower the powder feed and weeks 5-6 I use MOAB/Hammerhead and pretty much cut out the powder feed and week 7-8 I flush in hydro and the final product is amazing. 


*I pretty much know what EC i want a new reservoir to be and make up the EC with just boosters towards the end and tapering off the Powderfeed slowly from the first to last week I feed during flowering.

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