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For all who having problems adding a simple embed tag into the sourcecode follow my instructions:

1. Goto youtube and find your track

2. On youtube, down under the movie you found (click it)

3. Copy the opened textfield

4. Post a reply on SH

5. Click Code or maybe Sourcode in the Rich Text Editor (depends on translation used here)

6. Now you see the first brake:

7. Under this Tag you can insert the copyed code from youtube and then click send.


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Decided to post a dj set instead of single track. a set from Dj Ride, a personal friend and the most promissing music producer and dj in Portugal at the moment. Enjoy...

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top tune - pete docherty appart from an affliction to heroin seems a nice guy..... what a tune

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Including video's not work vell for my internet, pages open ages. I try put some links with minimum describe, hope someone enjoy it.

- Rehab The Jelly Boys

- :)

- J.Vievs Salty Air(megatune for me)

- Ill be gone

Modern d'n'b

Ok is enought for a while, if You want ican put more nice of huge variety i listien to. Best way is not to jump in one, listien to all good music. ;)

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