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Music4Plants... and SH

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Well, I was never really into shanties before I heard this group here......they are funny as hell, and they can sing this stuff in a funny way......dont know if it is their own lyrics, but guess so......funny in a pub;) They sing old shanties too and they are great either...they are really worth looking at.....could post a lot more, but just check them out if you like this type....their covers of older shanties are awesme too.....just noticed they got a lil more professional with videos etc.....the last video seems to be new....you can see the development, anyways I like the older stuff better....


edit:sry guys, u really must check out the last video.....wtf...these dudes are cracking me lads...lol






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its rare I judge a cover better than the original....but here we have bunny wailer  really great....and manu chao does a very great job....you can see his passion.....as well as the others, but htey outstand......enjoy.....anyways this project has lots of artists and covers for benefit and need support....



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High Guys,


very soon........on October 31....Samhain can be celebrated. For me it is a very important day. The dark time of the year starts, harvest is done, natures giving slowly ends and our great mother will slowly come to rest, as well as her children, before the cycle starts again. In for example celtic mythology this is considered to be a day, where the doors between the world of the living and the dead are very open. So, lets forget about Halloween and all those adaptions nobody remembers their roots....and celebrate this day. One of my favourite Artists, Loreena McKennit has a very beautiful song which deals with this day......listen and enjoy.....it is no coincidence that the songs name is "All souls night".....as I said.....the doors will be open;) Well, her music is so awesome.......plants love it too...greetz



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