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An explanation to why White Widow is effective at treating opiate and cocaine addiction

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Hi Hunter's,


  I wanted to make this topic for a while but haven't had the courage to word it out, i do feel tho however that it could possible help someone as it helped me. so i will explain just what i mean when i say using White family Genetic's to treat opiate and cocaine addiction.  those of you who know me or check out my grow's would probably be surprised to find out i am an  EX heroin addict and was addicted to opiate's for a long time.  I have a disease known as IBD or inflamed bowel disease. I had been self medicating with pain killer's all through high school and for the majority of my adult life. For the longest time i could remember i felt hopeless. I used methadone to try and quit with zero success i would use heroin on top of the methadone because the methadone alone was sufficient to treat the pain it was a cycle of let down after let down and i truly felt trapped. 


For the longest time i thought there was nothing i could do and that i was destine to be an addict for the rest of my life. Until the day my doctor suggested i try marijuana for pain and the methadone for addiction. i thought she was crazy i already smoked marijuana in my teen's like crazy tho i had stopped for the most part by then because i found that smoking marijuana when i was in withdrawal gave me panic attack's and made my situation worse. She told me that different strain's can have different effect's so try a numasber of them till you find one that work'. and SO i went to the dispensary and bought a bunch of different type's of marijuana. For me i was like a kid in a candy store and it renewed my love for weed. 


so i got to smoking and trying as many strain's as possible, i found personally that many of the strain's helped my pain some even better then the opiate's. But the most amazing thing was when i smoked a strain called GWS again this strain used to be very popular when i was a kid so it was a blast from the past for me to try again. when i smoked it tho i found something incredible happened all my urge's to use opiate's just went away almost like i forgot about it ( which any addict will tell you is impossible) i couldent believe it the more of it i smoked the less i relapsed. eventually i was able to stop taking heroin all together around the time i joined this forum i actually started to come off my methadone. everyone i know has seen the change in my condition both my doctor's on the medical side and my parent's family and friend's. my mom to this day thank's god that i found marijuana again and it has completely changed her view's on marijuana.


But here's the thing i knew it worked for me but until recently i had no clue as to why?  i had a lot of questions like why did GWS and white widow have this effect? i remeber watching a video from drug inc around this time where aryan mentioned his time in laos and thailand treating heroin junkies with marijuana.




It prompted me to look further into the medical literature on cannabis. I found a few thing's i think can answer these question's and help many other's suffering from addiction.


i am now comming up to my 1 year anniversary (november 17) of being off heroin completely  , within the next 6 month's i plan to be completely off methadone at which time i will be completely off opiate's a feat i have never successful accomplished in the 8 + year's of using intravenous hard drug's. Now this isent a miracle cure but with addiction there are no miracle cure's, i may only have 1 year of being clean from heroin but i have been seriously trying for over 2 year's to get here. 


But the marijuana helped greatly i doubt i could have even gotten this far without it. and i finally found out why it helped which is something i feel i should share with everyone and is why i am describing this personal story....


my first clue came in the form of the grow session's video's from green house tho it took me a while to put the two together, i did rescearch on cannabinoid's and still couldn't find the answer then i heard franco and aryan talking about terpene profile's and said hey i need to look into these terpene's. I then went to Green House's website where they profile the terpene's of almost all of there strain's and looked specifically at white widow and just started going down the list of most abundant terpene's....



Once i looked into the second and third most abundant terpene i had my answer Caryophyllene!!!!

this terpene is one of the most amazing in my mind, for one it's the only terpene that is known to activate CB2 receptor's and the only non cannabinoid that is known to do so. and lucky for me it has been shown to improve the symptom's of colitis but it also appear's that this terpene is the perfect natural dietary full CB2 agonist. 


Now this part need's alittle exsplaining.


in around 2011 a study was done using a new potent selective CB2 agonist, a chemical called JWH133 (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/JWH-133)  in the study Mice where given a drip to self administer cocaine after a period of time half of the mice where given this CB2 agonist JWH133. the result's where that the mice given the CB2 receptor agonist stopped self administering the cocaine while the other mice just continued on taking the cocaine. 

Here is a link to pubmed's publication of the finding's (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/21785434)


This study has amazing implication's, a scientist out of switzerland has been studying terpene's and specifically beta - Caryophyllene and he say's that Beta Caryophyllene is an even more effective selective CB2 agonist then the JWH133 as you can read here - http://gertschgroup.com/blog/entry/2198093/the-cb2-receptor-involved-in-cocaine-addiction


So it seem's the CB2 receptor is directly involved in addiction and have an effect on the reward center of the brain. This is really fascinating when you consider that it can not only help those with one of the hardest addiction's to treat cocaine addiction but also in other form's of addiction as most addictive behavior is linked to the reward center and the regulation and production of dopamine.


i can confirm the result's in the mice study from my experience with the widow family genetic's most specifically the White widow and GWS from Green house seed company.   i would smoke the strain whenever i felt the craving for a fix and by the time i finnished the joint my craving's had completely subsided. This could be extremely useful in treating opiate addiction especially in the crucial few week's and month's after kicking the drug. but also in a number of other addiction's. 


On a side note, cannabis high in beta caryophllene might also be good for smoker's who report panic attacks from marijuana, Beta caryophllene is found in a certain type of black pepper. Black pepper is one of the ingredient's in an ancient cannabis antidote used to curb the intoxicating effect's of THC Ancient cannabis antidotes.


(A) Lemon (Citrus limon). (B) Calamus plant roots (Acorus calamus). © Pine nuts (Pinusspp.). (D) Black pepper (Piper nigrum)



all of these item's contain Terpene's found in cannabis the lemon rind's have lemonene , the pine nut's pinene, the black pepper has both pinene and beta caryophyelle, and the Calamus root has mycrene among other terpene's . 


So in conclusion while i hope that no one look's down on me for my past, i feel that it's important that if we find some sort of medical use for cannabis to make it known. i know Cannabis helped me greatly during the hardest time's of my life and continue to help me to this day which is why i grow it and try to show other's how to grow it at home easily. i hope someone find's help with this info. i would like to hear more about Aryan's experience's with this man treating heroin addict's as it was part of what brought me to find this info. anyways until next time stay green!

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Awesome post man! And of course i would never look down on anybody beeing stronger than an addiction like you had! and anyone that would is an asshole :rabbi: :rabbi:


This was really interesting and making a lot of sense, and it seems to have worked for you so let's hope the world will continue to study more and more this plant and ALL it's uses! when it will be done the world will be a very little better ;)

I wish you all the best for all the coming years man and keep on sharing those nice infos!

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You been a good friend and loyal forum member since day one buddy. That is all i ever saw(and one hell of a grower).
I'm glad you shared this story because many has been or already are in that situation.
I believe that there is wisdom in your words...


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Word Tokage !!!! I 'm glad to see you are back bro. thank's guy's for the kind word's. i just think it's kinda amazing that this plant has so many use's. interesting enough i read the other day that in Columbia they are actually using marijuana to fight cocaine addiction the government i believe is actually giving free marijuana to around 300 addict's to try and fight addiction. Here's a link to the article,




but it's fascinating stuff, i think another thing that's really encouraging is the focus now on  the study of terpene's in cannabis because these terpene's are found in nature in other plant's many of them have been studied already extensively. anyway's i just i would bring light to this because i know that people have been legitimately using cannabis to treat addiction and finding out why would be a huge step forward.

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Thanks for sharing your story, Cannabis or Marie-Jeanne again is showing how much she can do for us, not only to dress us and feed us but heal our heart, open our eyes to our mistakes and also heal our bodies!!!


Another powerful plant for withdrawal (pain in bodies, not really spiritual) is Kratom http://www.sagewisdom.org/kratomguide.html.

They use it in Thailand, very good when combined with good MJ.

Heroine or Opium is a powerful ally when you use it only for physical pain, or when dying.

Heroine high... a feeling nothing else can give you, the feeling of being back in the womb. Unlike money, when you have it you could be happy anywhere...

So no wonder it is one bitch to kick out!

But one must keep her at bay until really really needed,

Sadly Wisdom is only acquired by making mistake...

I am sure now you will become a wounded healer...

Also Ibogaine is really strong to help someone at the end of the line... https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=Ibogaine&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&client=firefox-a&channel=rcs&gws_rd=cr&ei=NM64UqjQC7L07AbPpIHYAg

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Bravo! Gfarmer.

It takes guts to open up like that. I applaud you.

I am so glad that you are winning in your battle to regain and maintain control. I wish you all possible successes in your continuing efforts to throw off the remaining crutches as they too become unnecessary.

I feel certain that your words and continuing deeds will continue to inspire and encourage others to self-improvement.

Merry Holidays, my Friend.

and Happy New Year!


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This is a great post and glad i stumbled onto it having many friends/family with opiate addiction and seeing many die from it (having one highschool friend die just this weekend).  Its great to see another great use for such an amazing plant, especially help in the cure of such a terrible disease as addiction. This isn't the first time that i have heard the use of cannabis in the treatment of opiate addiction, and only hope more research is done in this area in the future. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience. 

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I know this is an old post, but I just had to comment, I hope you managed to get clean Gfarmer it can be done, nothing is impossible.

I&I know this for true, I have been clean for just over 2 years now after 30 years opiate addiction.

Stay strong an forward forward.


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hey bro.

respect to you. Im similar back ground and have meth addiction and no idea how to get off it. the way ingot addicted was unreal too! just bagging it up day to day and being around foil smokers got me a habbit. I got sent jail and tried subutex then subutex got hard to get so got meth and boy its ruining me. I dunno what to do.

Im thinking finish this grow and ferry to spain for 2months minimum or even the damn but dont think i could afford it.

on my 2nd year here. fkrs got me collecting it every day like a fool. took over my life bro. I stopped shotting it and heing around people and boom full blast flue symptoms but next level shyt. thats whenni got locked up. got subutex off the wing and was finentill i got reeased and no 1 could get them on the out. Im no heroin taker so had to go drs and ended up on this shyt.

this shyt is worser. i feel it every day. its ruined my teeth so bad i gotnoperations next month. I have to wait with the propa smackheads and get treated like 1. not attacking them but most them are were they are threw choice its extra drugs for them were me im on minium and want off but strugling. they even reducing me but have no rehab or anything. its ridiculous.

If you ever get caught up with heroin. do not go to your drs and seek help. pack your bags and go some were far far far. hotel what ever and sweat it out. you goto eat eat and eat.

horriblest thing ive ever experienced in my life. it takes your attention like major tooth ache but 20x worser.

ive not tried widow. always wanted too.

so what you saying? widow is opiat based? i got lots of bs opiat based like tremadol. they dont touch me. Ive reduced meth down to 5ml before too its killer.

best off going to heroin but as i say im not a heroin guy im a weed man oh i like the odd bj and crack too but so whaa haha.

you goto go to heroin to detox. meth and subutex are worser imo. you cant go from eth to subutex either. has to be subutex to meth. the rattle you goto do from meth before subby works hurendous and best off forgeting the subby. youl be so desperate for pain relief that youl seek what ever it takes.

Best alternative. get locked up. refuse meds and try get segregation for 1 month. have a fight if you goto.

hmm bud helps because thc flushs your system and makes your system flush faster. this is why meth doesnt hold you when you smoke bud. its horrible. from this point i can see it helping but telling me white wido is going to take ratte off is to hard to believe lolz. if thats the case im grow some asap and fk my meth off butim pretty sure it dont work like that at all.

Take care. You aint the only 1 and wont be the lastm this is not my 1st time either. I sold shyt from a kid. this is like my 6th habbit from just selling it and being around crack houses aswell as handling it. it basicly obsorbs your skin. I know pharmacists that have also got addicted to methadone threw mixing it up for patients!

Lethal drug but opiate tea so good!

I really dunno what to do but in this life getting locked ups inevitable so when that time comes I will do it or if these prats get rehab but then they want you to do group sessions and shyt. 

A cell a shower and food is what you need a oz of bud will help but sorry you will be feeling that withdrawal make no mistake your gona go threw hell. literally. so if your not known in a jail go block otherwise people take advantage. im good like that though aha. I cant think of any other way unless you go another country and leave your self stranded haha.

Take care. pm if you ever want to chat ?

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Hi Rix

Yeah man getting clean aint easy, but it aint impossible either

Getting nicked and locked up in goal can be useful to provide time out, but I know plenty of people who have got out with a bigger habit than they went in with plus a debt like a thrid world country they need to pay off as fast as possible.

The best way is not to cause yourself uneccessary pain and misery, reduce the substance slowly, remember you have conditioned your body using this substance over a longer period of time, your body will now complain whne it does not get what is is expecting to maintain what is now normal runnings.

By reducing slowly to the smallest amount when you do stop that last step is a beeny one, so it is not like jumping off a cliff into a world of pain and misery.

During a withdrawal the most important thing is to maintain focus on a simple fact that what your suffering is FINITE it will END as your body adjusts, you will not feel like a half dead bag of shyte forever, it will pass and you will feel better, I won't say normal because you will have lost touch with what feeling normal is, you will have to learn what this is for you all over again.

As I was getting clean when my belly rumbled I felt sick like I was going to throw up, I was just hungry, but I had not had an appetite or felt hunger for 20 years, I had lost touch with what feeling hungry is like, also with opiates you will become like a new born baby and you wont be able to regulate your body temperature, because your body got lazy and allowed the opiates to do that job, remember these things will pass, you just have to discover where and what feeling normal for you is now.

The most important thing about successfully getting clean is to start living the life you want to lead a clean life, doing the shit you want to do living clean as you slowly reduce, preparing yourself as you move into this new space and way of living, I have lost count of how many times I got clean only to use again because it was the line of least resistance and I had fuck all better to do, it is too easy to back slide.

If you are busy and living a clean life when you do finally stop after reducing your more likely to be succefful in staying clean.

Remember, live the life you love, love the life you lead, its up to you man no one else can make these choices for you.

You also need to be honest with yourself on a fundamental level, and when your being a complete cock admit it, don't lie to others you are just lying to yourself, consider the psycholgical mechanics of a lie, in the first place it has to sound convincing which means you have to think or consider that the lie is believable, and over time the lies become your truth.

Remember, "time longer than rope", this is a Patois saying it means the same as the occult phrase "time is the mercy of eternity", basically what it means that time is your friend, there is time to work things out, we can redeem ourslves, redemtion is always close at hand, you just need to give yourself a bly man, give yourself the time and space to work the thing out.

Ultimatel;y for me it simply boils down to this, I&I signed up for peace and love, not a life of fucking pain an misery...

Likkle more


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I think it is because of its relaxing effect, anti-adnsiedad. Good indicas are widely used in other drug treatment.

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