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Strainhunters Live Thread - Prague - 4th Cannafest 2013

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guerilla, sorry but Myley is big enough to make her own decisions i think :rabbi: :rabbi:


SO hi guys, here i come once again  for a little new video :) These are the hash samples we had with Biggy, the guy i talked to you about from Danmark, as you will see it was a nice time once again in Cannafest :brunette:


Hope you will enjoy and i will keep working on a few vids :)


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very nice video and really enjoyed music also 


Thats a big chilom!! Great video Dust and as always great music ;-) :good::smoke:


hey gimme back my stash btw that stuff looks like mine ;) 

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jajajajjaa fucking chilom was near to kill me XDDDD  great video mate!! and thanks to comment family!    :girlcrazy:

Thats what you get when you hangout with Danish people, smoking hash ROFL!

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Wassup hunters!!


Here i am, once again with another little video for your eyes ;)

Mainly scenes from DAY 2 and 3 which were both very crowded and full of nice vibes :)


Hope you will enjoy!


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jajajaja yeah for here all ok! special pack of shots, thanks to comment mates!!   :brunette:




















wow like this expo,, seems to all be amazing looking girls, lol

am thinking I may go next year , lol

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didn t you GHS guys tell this Miley Cyrus not to smoke ganja in front of children? :fie:



Why shouldn't she smoke in front of children? We also drink wine and beer in front of children because it is part of our culture. If it is really part of our culture - as a person or society - to smoke weed like people do in Kashmir, Morocco etc. I can see no reason why not to smoke in front of children as they do it there. So as long as you do not blow the smoke in their faces it is a normal thing to do.... :rap:

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