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Purifying mid-grade bubble

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Hey guys,

I have some experience with making bubble, I have been able to produce some decent 'mid-grade' bubble from some quality outdoor trim/bottom bag, but I cant achieve "full-melt" status. My end product is blonde, and bubbles slightly in a bowl, but its not the high-grade "full melt bubble" that I am looking for. I made sure all my procedures were correct (cold cold ice water and fresh/frozen product), lightly agitated the product for no more than 15minutes and then allowed water to filter out.

There was a small clip in Moroccan strain hunters video where one of the local growers was washing his hash in what looked like a solvent similar to Iso. and then proceeded to cook out the solvent and was then left with a very pure oily product that they smeared on cigarettes.

I have also heard about a method known as roisin, or roisinate (sp?), which looked like a solventless process of cooking the hash, but I have not been able to find much info on the process.

I think my product is contaminated with sand/dirt rather than green plant matter, any advice on the best way to purify this would be appreciated, either with solvent, or solventless! 


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