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Ciao a tutti dall'Italia

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Hi everyone/ciao a tutti! I' m From Rome and i am growing for Two years outdoors the seeds From GHSC and I like it Very much. This place is so dangerous for do this things, daily in the newspaper You Can read of someone Who have problems with the laws and police for 1 Joint or ONE FUCKING PLANT in the garden or balcony . Italy for this point of view is 20years retarded. Sorry if my english isn't very good. There is someone Who travel in Amsterdam in the cannabis cup? We Can meet There! Bye!

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hello man welcome on SH forum :)


We don't have that many italians so it's always a pleasure to see anew one come :) Or maybe there are a lot becaus ei know they follow Franco a lot, but maybe stay very discreet ^^

I hope you also have some pictures of your outdoor grows, the few i've seen under the italian sun were looking great so yours should do too hopefully ;)


You should find on the forum a thread with the people going to the cup too, should not be too hard to find them i think ;)

If you have any problem on the forum don't hesitate to ask me and i'll do my best to helpl you out


Have a good discovering of the place

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Hey how's it going Chem! Wow Rome what a rich historical and legendary place to be from, I've always wanted to visit. What strains have u grown outdoors? I have a deck/balcony and i want to grow some plants outdoors. What are your favorites? Also Hey man don't worry about your English, its great, at least your know more than one language, here in the US most people only know one, luckily i was privledged enough to learn a 2nd as i grew up. :)

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Hi ocropoid welcome on the forum, it would be better if you make your own introduction thread next time ;) ;)

But now it's done so welcome and i hope you will like the plac, if you have any pictures of your past grows don't hesitate to share them ;)

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