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I would strongly suggest that you guys try Ethiopia, I know for a fact that there is many old landraces left all over Ethiopia,
Most of the herb is grew all over in the place in the southren area also all over the mountains But I know for sure the FINEST herb I've ever smoked or seen is grew in a town named Shashamane, (not far from Addis Ababa) there is much land there that Haile Selassie gave to the Rasta's of Jamaica for helping him during the war. Anyway in 1992 Myself along with the Centenary Commitee for Rastafari U.K and the Nyahbinghi Order of Jamaica started raising money to build many things in Shashamane eg. living quarters, schools, better living conditions, tools etc. so nowadays there are 1000's of Rasta's living around Shashamane farming and planting herbs.

If you need any contacts I know many guys out there 

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would be great to see them there! For sure the rastas would have some nice things to show ;)

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