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Clones are in trouble.... HELP

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Hi all, hope everyone is good. Bit of a worried one really. Have got some Cheese and ICE cuttings they are about 4 weeks old now give or take a few days. They just have been transplanted into 3"rockwool cubes. for the last few days they have mostly turned light green going to light yellow, this was only on a few but now has jumed to mostly 65% of them i would say.

I did have a bit of a issue tho as had to go away my Mrs was looking after them for me and the PH went all the way up to 6.2, and the rockwool cubes were way to far wet for my liking. Iv just this moment finished lightly squeezing out some of the excess water out of them and have topped u the res with 5.5ph water and a ec of 0.90.

Not really sure what to make of it really. Have just moved over to a new NFT tray system so might be that but not to sure really.

Lights are only a 120w cool CFL and 2 x 60w cool tubes, EC is kept at 0.80 for the moment and PH should be at 5.5 but was wacked up to 6.2 prob peaked 7.0 at some point.


I know its prob a PH issue but any ideas or thought let me know as its really winding me u an worrying me.


Thnaks in advance guys and girls





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well ifiyou are pretty much sure it's the ph you can not do nothing but wait now that you have settled things back to normal, with the .9 EC they should have enough food to recover from it i think, but i'm not expert in clones and perhaps they will be more sensitive to this kind of problem at this your stage, but they seem pretty strong already so i think you should be fine.


We will see what the clones expert will say ;)

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Hey dust hope your good mate, Yeah i think 5.5ph is fine for these girls that are going into a NFT tray. But have been told to put them up to 6.2ph with a EC of 1.25? NOt sure why im getting this issue but could really do with some help .



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