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ec ppm metres

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I have got a good quality ph&ec meter my friend has gone out and got a cheap one but I dont under stand ppm I have always used ec metre please explain thanks peace

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there is no difference in ppm and ec meter in how it measures they both measure ec,the pm meter then convert it to ppm using manufactures conversion making it unreliable as 2 different ppm will show different values measuring  same water making it inaccurate.


i covert using approx value of 1k ppm=1ec worked so far.


hope this bit helps u on ur quest


have a nice day

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i tried tokage converter and seems my ppm meter has been very inacurate as site says 1k ppm is 1.5 ec. u could just messure same water with ur and ur friends meter and u will see how it's values compares

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thanks for your help but I still cannot workout how to read it on my ec meter its so easy 0.7 or 1.2 and so on I was thinking there would be a chart so you could check the ec against the ppm I cannot get head round it my friend is gutted thanks again all advice would have be appreciated peace

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if you have the funds to purchase this you will never need to replace it from what I hear...

I have had friends buy them and they LOVE them... me I just dream of owning one some day....

waaay outa my budget.

92 bucks on amazong Blue Lab Truncheon PPM/EC/CF meter.

But if your seriouse dont waste your time with any other product


about ec to ppm google it or get this fancy blue lab gear and just switch back and forth your self and u can write the new chart ^_^

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