Problem started in the middle of flowering - wht do you think it is / pics inside :P

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sweet mango auto


the plant was great  ,  till ~ middle  of its  floweritn   then it started  to  get  necrotic spots  , it happened  fast  ( 1 max 2 nights )


I  cutted off   fertilizes and am watering  with  water only dor now on  but it looks like    theres more of  spots  with every day ...


-Symptoms of the problem:

nectotic spots as seen at pics

-Age of the plant:

half of the flowering  / do not count  days  this time - sorry

-Medium used (soil/coco/hydro if hydro what type):

soil/coco mix

-Size of the pots:

5,7 l

-Temperature Day/night:

26/22 *c

-Humidity levels:


-Type of feeding (brand etc..):

powerfeeding  hybrids , peters proffesional blosom booster (NPK 10:30:20 )

-Watering frequency (quantity and how often): 

sometimes daily sometims  less often ,  if  daily its 0,5 L  if  i do few days of then i water its more :1- 1,5 L


-Last EC's used:

dont know ,  I used  4 grams of powerfiding  hybrids and 2 grams of  peters BB  for 5 liters


-PH:  it must be betwerrn 4,9 and 6,9

-Light Power: 120 w

-Type of light (LED, HPS, CFL...):  cfl

-Distance from the plant: 5 cm + plexi glass

-Size of the room: 0,2m2

-Ventilation system:  in: 8cm PC vent + passiv /  out 12cm pc vent
















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I went  for  calcium   after  Dust's  advise


made a water solution  with ~10-15 eggshells    which i  pulverized 1st. - will see how it reacts

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I would have thought the same as Dust then, a cal/mag problem maybe, as I have had this happen to me :)

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I had a very similar thing in my last grow. Calcium deficency that was fixed very easy with a few doses of trace elements. Some times calcium deficency symptoms appear from not watering enough, in this case its not calcium you need, its a more consistent watering program.

Did I read your post correctly?

You grow in 5-7 litre pots?

You water them with .5-1.5 litres at a time?

And you use a coco+ soil mix?

If that is the case, imo you are not flushing the excess nutrients out and replacing them with fresh well balenced nuts.

You need at least 10% run off to help wash away unused nuts, or you will end up with a excess of chemicals (eg if you plant is in flower it is not using nitrogen as much as it want p & k,so your nitrogen levels will continue to climb and they can get to toxic levels, and also effect the absorption of other chems (mostly trace elements)like calcium)

All the best and I hope you get on top of it.

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Yes  YOu had it correct  , th eplant is in 5.7 L Pot , coco  soil  mix  and i water it most of the time with 0.5L , sometimes if i give it a  few days rest from watering  they get bog one   with 1.0  -  1.5 L



yeh i did not  flush it  at all  , I know I should but the plant was doing  tjust great .... 



as for nitrogen  at flowering -  the same I was thinking  looking at Power feeding  proportions - but loooks like they are working  , VARY low P  and high  N for the full extens of grow ... 

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i flushed it - just in case , it wont harm her as its  her 1st

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Also get an exact idea of what your pH is. If you are powder feeding it is most likely correct and stable but depending on your water source, your pH could be fluctuating. Keeping a steady pH is as important as having your pH in the correct range. All of these guys are correct in their advice, I just wanted to add that because it sounded like you might not be monitoring pH. Using a lot of pH Up and pH Down products in soil isn't a good idea, but if you absolutely need to raise, silicate additives(water soluble silicon) raise it dramatically. It is a micronutrient that plants use to strengthten and thicken cell walls anyway and is OK to use in soil. If you absolutely need to LOWER pH, you might have a hard water situation and want to invest in a nice 3 stage filter(reverse osmosis, UV, carbon).

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