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St Vincent and Grenadines to legalise marijuana!


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I expect that we will certainly see more of this "govt vs farmer" competition as we go Forward.  There will be growing pains (pardon the pun).  This Evolution will be quite a ride for everyone and quite a Show for all to see.  Undoubtedly, the govts role in this "competition" will include development of many regulations over Quality Control, Production Control, Sourcing, Distribution, etc.,  to include implementing a Revenue collection System at every Point along the stream.  Let's all hope that the incoming Revenue streams derived from such regulations remain clearly visible, properly tracked and properly used for the good of the General Population of the Countries where legalization occurs.  Therein lies the benefit to the displaced farmer families, I hope. 

I hope also that Mr. Branson's "transparent chain" Principle succeeds.  A failure, however, of the System where transparency is implemented could be percieved by some as a failure of the whole.  Corruption in govt as always is our collective greatest enemy in human Society.  Hopefully someone is watchdogging this so as to prevent the derailing of the entire Project.


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