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Newbe from the land of fire and ice.

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Hello to all :) 

So I had my first toke about 16 years ago and it was hass. And as you can imagine, I got the "white" (to much for the first time) thats what we call it here in Iceland. And so there began my smoking habit. As you can imagine, it was very difficult to get weed back then and in most cases it was bad so I never looked for it. It was not until 2008 when cannabis started to take over and God, that made me happy :) I've done some experimenting with the seeds that I have found in buds but did not involve much interest until now. So this is my first organic closet grow, I just dont have the space at the moment. And its for personal use.

So is there anything that I need to know when growing in a closet?

I have the Flora Grow/Bloom/Micro and the chart that comes with it, ph down and Active Air pH, moisture and exposure meter with one 36W cool daylight fluresent lights.

Giving you a pic to see.


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Welcome to the forum dude:)

Nice little grow you got there ;) I hope you enjoy navigating through the forum :) There's a wealth of information on here for you to look at :) Maybe you can show us your grows also ;)

Take care and happy growing ;)

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Welcome on SH forum man!


Good to have you aboard, Iceland has some awesome landscapes i would love to visit! one day maybe who knows, so many place i want tovisit ^^ but anyways i hope you will enjoy the place and feel good in here.

I wish the best of luck for your grow also, you should open a thread fr it in the Grow journal for all medium room, you will get more answers there, and at the same time you will see lots of other threads and maybe a few tips ;)


Check out also the article section of the forum you will find some growing tips written by Franco nd on the rest of the board all you need to know to succeed :) all together we are stronger ;)

If you have aproblem on the forum don't hesitate to ask me and i'll do my best to help you out


Have a good discovering of the place

See ya online

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