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Everclear & Spirytus


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Over the years I  have seen lots of UK people looking for "Everclear" and asking where it can be bought in the UK.

Everclear is made in the USA and is a 95% grain alcohol and is unavailable in the UK.

I have seen people post that it can be ordered from the USA but this would be an expensive way as you would have to pay shipping and customs duty and probably VAT on top of that, howevr I did check out the site mentioned and they were outof stock.

However help is at hand from our Polish friends who also make a 95% grain alcohol which is called "Spirytus" Which is eqaully good as "Everclear". They are essentially the same product made by different manufacturers in different countries.

Spirytus simply means spirit in polish. There are several different polish companies that sell spirytus, most of which are part of the state owned monopoly called Polmos, which is now being privatised.

For example there is Spirytus Delikatesowy (95%), Spirytus Domowy (95%), Spirytus Krakowski (95%), Spirytus Lubelski (95%), Spirytus Łańcucki (95%), Spirytus Monopolowy (95%), Spirytus Wratislavia (96%) and Spirytus Rektyfikowany Luksusowy (96%), to name but a few.


Just Google "Spirytus UK" and you will find a UK supplier, it will cost around £25-£30 for a 500ml bottle.

95% Grain alcohol is used to make "Tinctures of Cannabis" and in the final stage of making "Absolute Shatter".

WARNING - Pure grain alcohol should be diluted by at least half if you are considering drinking it!

WARNING - Alcohol Tinctures should not be given to recovering alcoholics, instead a Glycerine Tincture should be used.



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I drink ever clear.lol we got a shot called a "dale earnhardt". It is a flaming shot of ever clear dropped into an energy drink called nos . A few more recipes but those are top secret.;). But in California ever clear is only 151 proof. Highest allowed level.

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Thanks for the advice Boz, I didn't realise they sold 151 proof Everclear (75.5 % alcohol), So I looked up what states sold the 190 proof Everclear (95% alcohol)

Heres what I found, the answers were found on Answerbag.com and have been copied and pasted here. The second answer is for canadians. Third answer was copied and pasted from - http://skunkpharmresearch.com/qwet-extraction/


  1. Everclear 190 proof is legally sold in - Alabama, Arizona, Colorado, Delaware,

Georgia, Idaho,[9] Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana,

Maryland, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, New Jersey, North

Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon,[10] Rhode Island, South Carolina, South

Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Wisconsin, and Wyoming, and in

some military stores within the continental United States.


     2. You can buy 190 proof everclear in only one province in Canada, Alberta



     3. where 190 proof isn’t readily available, here are a couple sites that will ship most anywhere,

East coasters check out, http://www.winechateau.com/

West coasters, try http://organicalcohol.com/store/





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