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1st ever grow... dwc...Cheese,Power Africa & Chronic

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Hey guys this is my 1st ever grow so fud up with spending hard earned cash on rubbish bud... I have 1 GH Cheese 1 Power africa 1 Chronic 2 Blueberry 2 Pineapple Chunk & 1 Train Wreck each in DWC 10L oxy pot & under a 600w HPS 6'' cool tube with 8'' RVK exhaust fan with carbon filter... I keep pH at 5.8 veg & flower...No EC meter yet just look for burn at tips then i guess plant is at max up take so i back off a mill or two...Day time temp 22-25C Night temp 17-18C...I'm using Canna Aqua with rock wool


I'm new to all this SH so any advice would be great...peace Bobby















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well it doesn't seems like you need much advices yet man those ladies are looking nice, nice happy behavior on the leaves, you saw the nutrient lockout before it happens so it's all under control and ready for a ncie harvest :)


Thanks for sharing your ladies i'll stick around till the fatal day ;)

Have a good grow man

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Very nice first go. It is good you learned the feeding by feel before even having an EC meter. Now when you do get one you will really be dialing it in.

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Thanks guys they were just from seed, i might start triming the next time or cloning to promote bigger flowers i did some research but hopping you guys will advise me, i will get the final result of the Cheese & Chronic soon....peace sh 

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