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Early Results from summer breeding.

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Here are a few pics of the first seeds to sprout from this summers breeding project.

Himilaya Gold x AK-47 is now 44 days from seed. Although there seems to be some slight nutrient burn,the seedling is otherwise vigorous and healthy.

The PineappleChunk x AK-47 is 40days and not quite as prolific as the other.small and spindley so far.This could change with care and patients ,we'll see.





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HS x AK is a very nice cross man it should give you a dope result :) which AK did you use?


Thanks for sharing your plants, best of luck for your breeding project!

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Hey Dust,

That is Himilaya Gold#5(GHSC)xAK-47 SErious seed male(regular seed).

Today is 53 days from sprout.Thats a 1 gallon container.15inch/36centimter.P.h. 7.3/7.4.

Tomorrow that plant will go into flower box and be sexed.Showing good vertical growth,and losing the burn on the leaves.

the soil may have been a little to rich for that young seedling.The new secondary growth is nice and healthy loooking.


There is also a Pineapple Chunk 5th gen x AK-47serious seeds male(regular seed)

They not doing as well.not yet any way





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Hey breeders

here is another photo of xstrain HG#5xAK47

this one has been transplanted into a two gallon pot.

the roots where growing out of the 1gallon container.

very carefully cut the small overgrown pot off and transplant into 2 gallon

send into the flower box to finish.

this one gave up a couple clones





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thanks for the news man, the girl is looking nice with good looking sharp leaves :)

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Thank you guys

The HGAKx was to many seeds to count,very good looking,and so far this is only one planted.

The HGPCx was not as many,and yet to have one of these grow any way but stunted and odd.Another is starting,and so far so good,


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Update on HG#5AK xstrainer.growing very vigorous.a real chart buster.new photos.

day 29 flowering.

transplanted from 2gal to a 34litre container type that I typically use

39inches on the 30th of December.more vertical growth already

the p.h. of soil is 7.5,was 7 prior to transplant,in the 2 gallon container

1.58inch circumfrence at base of stem, thats about 1centimeter diameter, very consistent growth up stem,14-16 pairs of axial branch,very tall and straight.

63 days from seed.

starting a little clone gang also :) here for the new year






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Now look very healthy and vigorous! At first seemed to have problems with temperature / moisture and nutrients, but you got to fix it and have a fantastic friend tip.


Congratulations bro, I sit to keep watching! :)

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Been a while since my last visit, but I agree with Jose, the health has improved plenty and is looking good :)

Thanks for the nice pics :)



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Hey thanks man

a little more better heat is good.Finally am having success with the PineappleChunkAK-47 cross.

the first couple beans stunted and failed.

this one is doing much better so far.

83 days from seed,soon,I'm going to top or fim this plant.it looks as though it is needed.




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looking good man it seems it is going to be one lady with wide leaves ;) already very nice size for such a "small" plant :)

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Hey cgreeny :)

I was womdering why  you took off those two large fan leaves, I have done the same when doing defoliation technique, are you doing the same?

I also notice you trimmed to fan leaves, something I only normally see with clones to stop so much transpiration, I was wondering is this a space issue or something else?

I got my fingers crossed it's a girl, I be back to find out more ;)

Peace & smokes


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The space is a little tight.it still pulls some light,but also allows more light to pass by.trying to keep them a little more constrained at the moment.That was a fifth gen pineapple chunk grown indoors.pollenated with ak male pollen.this one shows promise.the others stunted and failed.third try.The hg6 is now out of the flower box there is room to sex this plant.set up this week.

I have a couple of leftover fifthgen hg and pc that are growing in the same container,one himilaya,two pineapple chunk,ok. on the himilaya gold there is a secondary branch that has morphed into a pineapple chunk.it is growing identical to the other two pc's.go figure.I read that if two females, of different strains where to share root space in contaiiner that the possiblity of pollen or hermi type of tendency? they are looking very good in te flower box.

Still have the Outdoor grown fourth gen seeds to pop.

LOOK OUT MAN!! outdoors and indoors can be night and day difference.couple different phenotypes available with this type of seed.

the Chartbuster popcorn and low buds are like old school Jamaican.real good,strong. smooth on exhale.


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