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need help!!!

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hello everyone

so as stated above i need some help from you guys.

i have a grow going on right now and  am beginning to see something that could caouse some problems,but let me explain a bit.

ROOM: 3m x1,2m x2,15 m high

LIGHTS: 2 x 600w in cooltubes and a 800m3/h exhaust for that

AIR: intake 200m3/h exhaust 300m3/h and an oscillating fan blowing on top of the canopy

TEMPS: daytime 25-26,5 C night 21-22 C    RH: 38-45%

SOIL grow (plagron growmix) 6l pots

25 GHS lemon skunk 4w.russians and 1 critical+ (critical and 10 lemons are 2 weeks younger) 23 plants are in day 28 from sprouting on 12/12 from seed.

the plants have been watered only with water ph,d to 6,2 (out of the pipes comes around 8 ph) last waterin was 3 days ago today being the 4th the big ones 1l and the smaller ones 0,5l. this last watering i increased the water a bit since i felt like the plants where not watered enough so as i said 1l for the bigger ones till i saw some runoff.

the younger plants seem fine but the others have started to curl down tips of leaves (some leaves not all) and i think i saw some rust like miniature spots on one planti took a pic but the spots are so smallthat i dont see them on the picture.

today i was going to water again this time with nutes 1/2 strenght (HESI FOR SOIL) but dont know what to do

i would appreciate any comments and input

will post pictures but am having some difficulties

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so here are some pics if they ar poor quality will try to make better and repost oh and the plant on the first picture is also a bit darker green and leaves lookin kinda sad and droopy















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hi man, the girls don't look too much affected for the moment so you have good lcks to save them :)


If possible it would be nice to check your runoff water, so you will need to put your usual 6,2 water inside the pots and measure the EC also before if you can, and check the same water when it comes at the bottom of the pots, you will see if you hve salts problem or ph problems. do you feed them every watering?


good luck man

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if you scroll down this page till you reach 'Nitrogen Toxicity' youll see the same leaf tips dropping as you have..

can be caused from an imbalance in your nutrient.. or maybe PH being too high



heres a PH chart, shows the availability of various nutrients and their PH range.


with ph being too high.. the plant gets too much nitrogen and not enough of everything else causing an imbalance

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some more pics today before watering


last time i watered them with half strenght nutes and today some of them seemed to be happier,maybe i should have given them food before?

and maybe i should have given them full strenght but didnt want to stunt them anymore so 1/2 strenght it was nex time they get the full dose

i also added the humidifier to raise the humidity to 55-60% and turned dow the oscilator fan a bit but now that the fan is not blowing that far and strong i saw some patches on the leaves (leaves that where covered with another leaf) with water droplets.

and i also raised the lights a bit ,i didnt check  EC though as i dont have the meter,about the runoff PH will test it the next watering.


thanks for the replys














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well today  was the second time the girls recieved feeding ,altought i said i will give them full strenght kinda changed my mind last minute and fed  them 1/2 strenght again to see how they react.they seem to be doing better new growth seems unaffected so maybe lack of nutrients caused this simptomes that i was having.

i also checked the runoff Ph and it was  from 5,6-6,5 but most of the plants had around 6-6,2  i really dont know much about runoff ph but maybe you guys could share some knowlege.

oh no pics today due to lack of sleep....will post some next time and the progress(positive or negativ  LOL) will be more visible

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ok if it was around 6 6,5 then it is pretty much normal i think, it depends what the water you used for the wwatering was? if you put it at around 6-6,5 then it's good.  Basically when you check your PH like this, it allows you to see  if the PH levels in your medium are good or no, when you have troubles like salts building up, or some other diseases, it  will often affect the PH of your soil, so if you put a water with PH 6,3 for example to water, when it will come down it will be either higher like 7 or lower depending on the problem you can have. so when you control like this it helps you to see if it's all good under the soil.  But for you it seems it's in  a good range.


We will see how they llike the Half strength but i think it was just a littl too much food making it claw.

Have a good grow man

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i havent had the time to write the last two months and didnt take to many pictures just a few.

the grow whent ok  and finished normal could be better but thats it.

the girls produced just over 700 and im happy.


some pre-harvest pics.

thanks to everyone that helped me







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congratz and thanks for giving some little news, glad to see it all came to the end and with some nice fat buds it seems :)


I hope you have a good smoke wit those ;)

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