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powder feed

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Hi guys. I am looking for some info on how often i need to use the new powder feed. Can i use it every time or do i only use it with every other feed and just use water in between. Any help will be much appreciated.

Thanks guys

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Hi Elvis. I am using soil and have been feeding with bio bizz but had poor results with the harvest and problems with salt build ups and decided to get the powder feed. I usually give a feed with nutes and then feed with just water for a few feeds but i normally wait until the soil is pretty dry (every 2-3 days between feed). I am not sure if i can use the ghs powder feed every time or whether to continue feeding the way i had been doing with the other feed (with the crappy bio bizz)

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it depends mostly on the needs of your plants and on the way you feeed your girls, if you are used to use high EC's etc.. then it's a good idea to feed only every other watering, if you prefer gentle feeding then you can usually feed every watering withtou problems, just a few flush once every 3 4 feedings and they do great, the plants seems to use really fast what you give them with the powder, and therefore the salt building is pretty slow it seems.


Good luck man!

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Hi guys. Thanks for the info. I think it would be wise to continue feeding every 3-4 watering. I dont want to risk over feeding as shes starting to look really nice. I have noticed a big spurt in growth since i got the powder feed. Its kalashnikova ive got so the last thing i want to do is make a mess of it.

hopefully in a few weeks i'll put a few pics of the end result. Thanks again for the info

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once every 2 watering for plants older than 3 weeks and you should never have over feeding problems if you dont put crazy amounts of it ;)

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