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1st coffeshops are going to be opened in berlin !!!

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LOL. You get excellent coffee there i think but sadly no smoking allowed + no cannabis on sale. They discussed the matter, locals in certain eras were rallying for a free smokers club but even though some were in favor of it poiltics were voting against this from what I heard yesterday.. Maybe a Berliner knows more ?

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Well im not  Berliner but we have all de German news here ;)

From what i heared its only the "mayor" of this part of Berlin who accepted a coffeshop there but noe its coming to court and other ppl who decide if they get a extra permittion for it, cause in german federal constution is written it is illegal to sell Drugs.

So for my understanding this whole thing isnt throu at all it just begann and most likly will die in bürocratics..

We have the same stuff in switzerland for about 5 years now Basel and Zurich are haevely wanted to sell dope sense years and are making pressure but till now notthing at all happened..

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I guess it will be sometime before we get news about that. No more info at this time and i would not smile and cheer just because the mayor say "it could happen"

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Sorry to disappoint you, but this is just a political trick played by the green "mayor" of this district. It is not about giving people like us the opportunity to score good weed or growers to sell to the shops, but to whitewash their clientle. There are thousands of complaints about hard drug dealers "from all around the world" hiding their "bubbles" in the kindergarten playgrounds around there. The very same mayor is asking the parents not to complain, but to get an "agreement" with those dealers. Complaning parents are slandered as "nazis" or physically attacked. It is an absolutely horrible situation there. So the asylum seeker industry in Berlin just wants a save shelter for this people where they also can sell some weed, also.....


An honest approach to legalization can not start this way.....

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Too bad, things like this give cannabis a bad name as you just can not link Marijuana with hard addicting drugs and expect anything good to come of it.

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Too bad, things like this give cannabis a bad name as you just can not link Marijuana with hard addicting drugs and expect anything good to come of it.

The Green party was part of the federal government in germany for 8 years or so I guess and had a huge influence. They did nothing for potheads but to collect the votes and betray the people who voted for them because of their phony fight for legalization.  They were ebven part of the government that outlawed cannabis seeds, unbelievable. 

All they care about is the billion Euro big asylum industry they are part of and illegal immigrants and their ongoing attempts, open before, now secretely, to legalize zoophilia and pedophilia...so I would not expect anything good from them.

For German readers: 122 of the most relevant professors of law in Germany started a a campaign to end the prohibition on cannabis in Germany. That is a good way things can be done


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