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Merchandising ! Aside from seeds, powders and clothing, what more would you like to buy from Strain Hunters and Green House Seed Company?

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I have heard that the Company may be planning to produce and release Calendars for sale, possibly showing the beautiful porn pics of our beloved Maiden of Honour, and maybe other themes as well.

I wonder what other types of Souvenirs we Hunters worldwide would be interested in collecting if GHSC and Strain Hunters knew of our desires.

Personally, I would love to have a couple Frisbees a.k.a. throwing discs with the cool logos on them.

Any other ideas?


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hehe frisbees would be nice but i'm not sure there would be enough peple buying them for themto make a serie. Who knows they might like the idea ;)

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I would suggest evaporators

for people who do not smoke tobacco and is not willing to start

considering that lot of people has started with tobacco because of marijuana

and now they smoke little marijuana and a huge lot of expensive tobacco...

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grinders we have them already ;)  If you go on any expo or shop where we are you should find some :) They are like the GHS one but in black and with SH logo ^^

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Frisbee's always make nice skinning up decks and the curved sides stop any thing falling off and will catch dropped bits of weed.

I have a Green House grinder,but it is very inexpensive and one slight moan is no magnet, just to keep the two halves together. But surely I'm being picky as it only cost 1 Euro and I got mine free.

I like the look of the GHS credit card grinder, think I may get me one of these.

Maybe a GHS/SH non stick dabs pot.

Or what about a GHS Titainium nail where the top looks a little like a crown and have "king of cannabis" etched in the side of the nail.

Maybe also the addition of secret stash pockets in the GHS clothing.




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did you ever think of dedicate a part of the site to a museum, sort of?

ww could contribute with  picture of object  related to the history of cannabis


of course most of material would belong to the '70, comics, post card, tee shirt and so on,

and is even more interesting when you find older material, medicinal bottles, etc.




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Hey, I'm gonna suggest it again.  I think Frisbees with the GreenHouse Logo and Frisbees with the StrainHunters Logo would be an excellent idea.

What better to get a conversation going at your next summer cook-out or at the next outdoor concert in the field next to the village than a frisbee happily shared among new aquaintences?  Advertisement value is there.

And every old-schooler knows there isn't any better rolling tray than a frisbee...


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