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GHS Kings Kush, Pre and post harvest Pics!

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 Hey fellow hunters, 2nd post and here with the very greasy sour flower power of a kush fit for a king. The Kings Kush is easy to grow clones well and finishes quick. She was grown in a soil mix of 1 part roots original and 1 part sunshine Advanced #4, mixed with coco, grow rocks, veganic ogtea, worm castings and all placed in a 7gal smart pot. She was grown under 180 watts of led for the first 4 weeks then once my finishing station was free it was placed under 450 watts of led for the last 4 weeks.

 The vape report, citrus with a bouquet of flower petal and a very sweet finish. The high is upbeat and a thought provoking experience that is great for getting a little silly with friends over a nice ipa. I don't drink often but when I do I drink stone, and stay stoned thanks to the Kings Kush! Thanks to Apothecary and Greenhouse for creating and supplying these genetics so the whole world can and afford to smoke like the King themselves!




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wow love the shiny look they had before harvest man, seems like a very pretty girl, thank you for sharing your pics with us, good to read it is smoking and that the effects are here too! Don't hesitate if you have more nice bud porn for us share it ;)


Have a good smoke!

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Indeed a nice strain. How long did you leave them in flower - weeks/days ? I love the taste and find it really exceptional light to inhale, as if it was a menthol scented. Smoking big spliffs pure and love each single draw till the tiniest little bit of brown paper nearly burns my lips..lol

Drying buds look like the buds I reaped, lots of yellow + red inside the green with a silvery shne to it.

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Thanks dust, I appreciate that a lot and yes I do have some more pics! Bam-Bhole - I flowered her for 52 days could have went another week but decided I would not be getting more yield then if I had put my Biggie Smalls in her place. I love the taste too reminds me of the Californian Chardonnays, the buzz is great a little goofy but that makes for a good time. Should pair very well with the imperial rye ipa I helped brew with added local nugget hops! Thanks for the comments hunters, I will be back with the Chemdog mmmm!

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