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looking for next strain.

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Hi all i am currently finishing a crop of pineapple chunk and was wondering what peeps thought were towards the cheese strains, White rhino/white widow strains.

i am also debating trying out an auto strain of the above. Ne thoughts be welcomed and appreciated


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Well if you are looking for Cheese like strains, the Exodus cheese is a must try, one of my fav smoke still now! For the white family, we just released few weeks ago the Auto white widow and Aut Jack herer so it might be the ones for you ;)


Good luck man

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exodus cheese for taste GH cheese for yeild white strains try the rhino nice tatse best of the white strains as far as yeild goes

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The pinapple is very nice, i have grown and liked both growing and smoking!!! Cheese is always nice, GH has 2 for different purposes as u can see. Maybe you should consider growing a white cross, my fav strain still is the Super Critical, with the most potent tasty smoke, and nice yield. It is a cross of White Widow, Big Bud, and Skunk, getting the strength, the size and the vigorous growth from the 3. Happy growing.

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thanks all for the posts Deffo looking at going down the cheese side of the strains Gh looking promising too.

looking forward to orderig soon deffo going check out super critical too. 

just looking into the super critical any one tried the auto strins of it ????

happy xmass (holidays) all

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Sure, i also grew 20 of that and i liked them a lot, i think the best auto still i have tried, the only cons are the many phenotypes, but hey, some like diversity! Some is more on the sativa side, making those a bit slower, but with very nice taste, and potent smoke!


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