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Strain Huntes Live - Chile 2013 - EXPOWEED

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Hello family, here a live from Chile, we don´t have connection at the fair, so I need to do in the night, are only two days, but here is really amazing, probably the more big cannabis fair, more to 40.000 persons only today, the cops and military police was for every were, but not problems, a lot respect and the people really with a lot interest in learn. Very friendly place!! hope you like, cheers!!    ;)








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well as long as the police don't raid everyone it seems like it's a nice event, 40K people wow big :)

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Awesome bro. Thanks for share whit us. 40+ visit´s is really a lot. looking forward to more photos bro. 



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hello family sorry to don´t put more photos, yesterday but I give up with the internet, as usual!! Thanks a lot to comment, Dust, Jimmy!! 

I gone try to put much more today!



















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Thanks for the pics Mr.X!

Love the first pics with all the military guys at the back and for sure the last one with Miss Casa Verde Seeds :good:


40000 is amazing!!! :smoke:

Mr.X wath's the law of the cannabis in this country?

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Hello guys, so as X as some little troubles with the NEts over there i will share his pictures with you from the Gallery :)


Looks so big for sure they seem to be having some good time :D
























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Haha, Franco looking good with the Cass Verde girls :) You'd know he's from Italy, he finds those women every time, haha :) You too X! ;)

Thank for sharing the pics :)

I'm always here :)

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Good time, good women and marijuana .....    Sure Chile is not the paradise?  :brunette:  :brunette:  :brunette:


Thanks for the live updates friends, looks very nice expo, but beware of both military (maybe they just want to smoke lol).



Big HUGS!!!

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Hello guys here are some little extra pictures From MrX and the Team in Chile!!


I've been talking a little with Mr.X, and seems the weather is incredible, like summer, as you can see on the pictures with Franco's outfit haha ;)

And the amount of people is amazing, at least 30 40 thousands people from what they told me, which is pretty huge ;)


You should have a litle more infos about it when they will get back to civilization haha






















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What a peaceful gathering. 40k in attendance, even with the solders it is easy to tell it was a very friendly enent.....

what a life it must be. A strain hunter. You guys make it real easy to stay involved. thanks.

P.S. If you want to you can send over a bunch of those strain hunter bean bags for the first ever "High Desert Cannabis Expo & Music Festival"

April 18-21 2014. I'm sure there won't be any other Cannabis events during that time.....so why not come to Southern Nevada and see what the desert rats are growing......

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Hi all you friends, here from Chile.  This expo was a great event to us, thanks greenhouse to get here, we love you Hunters.

Hi Franco, here a pic with you, Thanks!!!, you are amazing good people, Peace


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