Plant Of The Month Contest - December

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  1. 1. What plant is your favorite this month?

    • sshkipper and his Bubba Kush
    • miminexus and his Chemdog
    • Kaliforn and his Purp Urk X Blue D
    • cgreenyblues and his Warlock
    • Riina and the Doctor

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ah i didnt feel like particpating really. Imo the way voting is done is a little off.

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Yeah man no worries, i will enter next month's contest with a bigger girl :P



Yeah its just me having a hard time dealing with loss again haha -.- i wasn't so happy with the holidays got kinda mad at everything n all ...

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CHEMDOG 9 weeks flowering powder hybrid direct 12/12



Yours would be my favorite because there is so much weed on those stalks but i had to go with the Bubba Kush cus of its color. That Purple/blue hue makes me giddy for pot

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Yes Congratz Sshkipper you won this Month Contest :)


thanks everyone for all those months of entries it was a nice year! and let's hope 2014 will be as frosty ;)

Don't forget to go vote in the Plant of the YEAR contest now to select you favorite from 2013 :D


Have a great time everyone

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