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Northern Lights #5 Outdoor / Reveg Indoor/ Outdoor


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This is / was my first grow.

(Pictures are in REVERSE ORDER)


I received my Northern Lights #5 from a local dispensary around the 4th of July 2012.  I knew it would be hard to get a good crop from 2 plants in such a short time but I decided to give it  a go anyway.

I let the plants go until October and only added white LED to keep it at 12/12 light and to stay warm.

I grew a single stalk on each plant and attempted to take a few clones, none of which survived (The clones pictured are new and rooting just fine).

After the grow was complete, I dried my flowers in a Cedar lined closet.

I left the secondary bud on my main plant and cut 90% of the bud off the top, the last 10% I attempted to re-vegetate in 18/6 LED.

It worked.









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hye man thanks for sharing your lady with us!


Always interesting to see revegged girls, she seem to be doing just fine now and the clones too :)

I wish you the best for the rest of your grow i'll be around to follow!

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The LED grow lights I have are:

7 LEDs in each bulb, 6 of them are red and 1 is blue.  The main purpose for them is to keep my plants in Veg so I can clone and start them outdoors in April.

They are only 1watt per diode, 7watt total.  If I were going to grow and flower indoors, I would use a 600watt LED.


The light you can see in my photos, is something I bought to see if it would work, it ended up being Christmas lights inside.   Not very impressed with it.

I am ordering a couple 600W  from the factory to see how they perform for me.


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