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El skippa

Whats going on with my girls?

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Hello fellow growers! So I have a few questions that I hope people can help me out with? I have 2 females growing outdoors (not too sure what week they are at). I have noticed that 90% of the pistils on one of my girls are tying brown and dying. On my other girl there is hardly any pistils or calyx forming and what pistils are on her are also dying. Calyx on my girl that is more mature don't seem to be swelling much either. I have searched all over them both and there are no signs of male genetics i.e. balls of sacks. I did have 1 male that I spotted very early in veg and destroyed when all 3 were at the same stage of veg. From the pictures I upload I'm hoping someone could please give me a bit of insight into what's going on here. Are or have they been pollinated? Will I still get bud production? Will I get seeds? could they be hermaphrodites? Thank you to anyone that reply's or can give me a heads up with what's going on. CHEERS!







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mm it's strange that she is already maturing like this. How do the new growing leaves look like? they still have same number of blades on the leaves ?

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all is sweet besides the browing of the pistils? no defects in leaf or blade production. I searched the web for hrs and cant seem to find any info. its like its maturing without the bud production and calyx swelling?

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I planted these from seed outdoors from what I can remember in early/mid august. so in theory I should harvest in January or Feb? Damn I was really hoping to get some good bud production out of these.

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Do you have artificial lighting in the area near these plants? In flowering stage, MJ needs uninterrupted darkness for at least 12 hours per night. Interrupted dark periods have been known to stress MJ plants, one of the results can be the dreaded Hermmie.

Another possibility is improper N, P, K ratios during the blooming phase.

Yet another possibility is improper pH of the soil. With improper pH, the nutrient uptake can be skewed, causing the plant to abandon blooming and returning to Vegg Phase.

Have you tested the soil for ambient nutrient contents? And are you adjusting pH and the nutrients when you water the plants? There is much information to be found online for N P K and pH requirements and the optimum lighting requirements for MJ at her various phases.

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hello guys thank you for the reply! to answer your question dust im located in the southern hemisphere (Australia). There hasn't been any extreme weather changes since veg to pre flowering. Also to answer your questions Cannabisspean there is no artificial lighting close by. I haven't tested any factors as in soil ph. Everything seemed to be going really well until around 4 week of bloom. Pistils were looking nice and white and were popping up where they should then all of a sudden they were browning up very early and the calyx weren't really swelling much either. You say they could be going back to veg stage? Is it possible to still get any smoke at all from these girls or am I better off ripping them out or should I wait and see what happens?

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Hey skipper my guess is they are going back into veg. If you are in QLD like me you may have noticed we have just had the longest day of the year only a week or so ago. Normaly when outdoor growing down here we starts around October/November and pull around March/April. I'm thinking it could be a combonation of the longer days and low NPK's in your soil as Cannabissapean mentioned. The best fail proof method of growing outdoor all year round that I've been using for over 30yrs is a combonation of in-door and outdoor. I veg my plants just under CFL's growing 19hrs on 5hrs off. Then when you are happy with the height put them straight outdoors and they will go into flower straight away. I grow my plants to 600mm to 1mtr then out they go I just use this method for my personals as it allows me to grow all year round  :cool:

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