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Strainhunters Live Thread - 10th Emerald cup - California

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Wasssup hunters!!

Yes it's me again, those 2 months have been 2 really busy months! Hunters have been moving a lot after Prague, HTCC, CHile they are now in CALIFORNIA!! For the 10th anniversary of the Emerald Cup! One of the most amazing cup with some of the tastiest smokes!


So MrX, Arjan and Franco are all there with the team and ready to give us some nice pics to make us feel like we are here :) Let's hope the internet connection will be good, but in US i think it should not be a problem!



Mr.X has also entered one of his pictures in the Cup for the "Best photo" competition, Let's all keep our finger corssed for him!! :rabbi: :rabbi: :rabbi:


See you all soon with some nice pics i hope!!

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Emerald Cup is an Amazing Event.... last Years entrys were out of this World.....Kinda Jealous the Team can try all this gd Genetics.... And for Mr X . Gd Luck for the Photo Competition sure U deserve a top Place!!!

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It is what 10 ours earlier in Cali thanAmsterdam ; Berlin,Paris ? So too early probably to expect any Live feeds  can't wait to peep the event..Fingers crossed for X and hope they score some crazy cool genetics maybe cuts, maybe seeds. Recently the strainhunters strains are getting better and better imo.


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yes now at around 17pm in erope it's around 8 or 9am in Cali i believe. S they  are waking up and i hope they will have a nice conection let's keep finger crossed :D

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Good luck brother X!!! And have fun guys! This is the other amazing event i wish to visit as much as the HTCC. Outdoor organic growing gives soo tasty buds, my mouth is watering already! Please guys, write some smokereports for us about the strains you like the best!!!! Cheers!!!

Peace, love and THC!!

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Well as you have seen there will be a little delay for the pictures :rabbi: :rabbi: :rabbi:  I've been talking with Mr.X and as there is absolutely no conection over there they are not able to give us some pictures, so as soon as they get back in the area there should be some materila for us ;)


Have a god day all

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argh hearing about this being only a 12 hour drive or so south of my home town really makes me wanna go and meet the crew!!


I sure hope you guys will start shipping seeds to the US states that have it legalized soon.. I was shunned by the green house staff when I emailed them the day after the vote passed in my state of washington well over a year ago.... hope you guys change your policy soon!


*dreaming of ordering your beans state side*


Hope you all have a safe and amazing time in California!!

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Hi family, thanks a lot Dust and sorry mates to don´t upload before the photos here, travels and travels, not time, and it´s amazing but in country like USA there are internet even in the planes, was not connection at the fair LOL!!  


Let´s go with some pictures, really nice event, friendly people, top level grass and extractions, one of the best expos I been, really nice!! hope you like the photos.   ;)





























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hehe it is all nice my friend :D

Doesn't everyones coffee table look like that? xD

In the future I'd like to make some shatter & other concentrates, I would also like to recycle my butane too.

I was drawn to those stainles steel behemoths, just thinking of runs you could do with these, probably get a nice small buckets worth ;) lol

First Ineed to get a degasing vacum chamber and pump (£250ish), or better yet a degassing oven /vacuum oven (£400-£1000) .

Take easy hombre


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Looks very nice in California, thanks for sharing the pictures.

Just want to tell, that there´s a new Video featuring Arjan and Franco, on  the You Tube Channel of the Emerald Cup.


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are there any more pics from the wood frame greenhouse, is their a certain name for that type?



did you check in the Gallery album you might find a little more pics, but that greenhouse frame seems homemade and pretty simple, do you want a drawing of a similar structure? i could make one for you with a little stronger structure cause this one actually has some weakness ;)


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