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I just saw a clip about you on YouTube (in Colombia) and I think you are amazing. If you are interested, we could go to Ghana and Togo (West Africa) and I will show you some strains, seeds and plantations. It will be very easy and extremely cheap to acquire a large number of seeds. I am pretty sure that these are plants that are not known very well in the world yet, so this seems to me like a good opportunity for people in your field of business. Most plants are not grown to their full potential, but with great care I have no doubt that they will grow to become high quality plants. I have people back there whom I can trust and guide us since I lived there for a long time. Unfortunately I live in Korea right now but I have no problem leaving the country right away if you are interested in this adventure. If you are, we can talk in more details. I love the herb, I pray to God all the time for its legalization and I am dying here in Korea since its so rare and too expensive. I believe in what you do and I trust that I can help you expand the horizons for your business, for I have always dreamed of going into a similar business my whole life. I will impatiently wait for your reply. Hopefully you will be my life turners and saviors and I pay my debt with the services I have mentioned above. God bless.

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Welcome to the Forums, AfricanBuds.  Your invitation sounds very interesting, and I feel sure that the GHS Crew will appreciate it.

I encourae you to browse the rest of the site and read the many other threads found herein. There is much to be learned from the other growers, and we would appreciate reading about your experiences.

A tipp: At the top of the page, click on "Forums". Then many categories of threads are available to read. Have fun exploring the site.

And again, welcome.


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Hello man welcome on SH forum!


Thanks for your offer, i'm sure one day they will be going other there, the entire african continent is so full of Cannabis history that it's gonna be long to discover it all :) And who knows when they will be going they could need some contact. but we have time before it happens so meanwhile i hope you will enjoy the forum and all the people shared. and if you have some nice content to share as well please do :)


If you have a problem on the forum send me a PM and i'll do my best to help you out.

Have a good discovering

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Thank you for the welcomes! Haha yeah I hope you do! And hopefully that will be soon because I will have to go and do the military service next year! But yes, cannabis history is so rich in the whole continent of Africa, there are so many stories about it. 

Yeah, I really find the forums interesting and helpful. Great job guys!

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