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white strawberry assolo


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starting on 7 november 2013


seed from greenhouse

20 hours in a cup full of water

24 hours in a scottex towel

30 hours in a rockwool cube

I see a root coming out 

then in soil

after 30 hours the seedling comes out

- after a few days the thing fall on the floor,

the cube comes out

and I can see there are no roots at all

PANIC  :angry:  :banghead:  :shout: 

I brake the rockwool cube and I put the seedling directly in the soil

including a part of the long shoot

I write to greenhouse and someone, maybe dust, reassure me  :bye: 


I spray it with water, a bit of chemical and a tea of nettle

in the soil there is





a bit of worm castings

in a 4 Litres pot




now I am on the 8th week

the 7th pair of true leaves are out

but I am afraid it is very very small :fie: 


and has its first preflowers  :girlcrazy: 

I have a problem with humidity, is too low

so I would appreciate suggestions in order 

to increase humidity

(I am keeping it under a plastic cover

to avoid burning, but this reduce air),

and several doubt regarding light.


I am on cfl

I had one 38 watts on top (about 2000 lumens)

and yesterday I added two 23 watts on the sides (1380 lumens each)

for a total of more then 4000 lumens

would it be enough?





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hi man! thanks for sharing your little lady i hope we will be able to help you a little on here :) Because for sure for 7 week of growth it is too small, even for a "small" CFL grow. I see that on all your picture the medium seems to be really wet, and seeing how she seems to have trouble developing her roots, it is possible that you overatered her, at this size you should not have all this water under your cupboard if it comes from only 1 watering. How much do you water ? and how often and what temps in the room?


Good luck man :)

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it is a 7th week grow starting from the day I 

put the seed in a cup (I am not sure how to count)

- I watered everyday, about 10/20 dl

- now only two days watering every three

- 19 to 30 degrees but, please note:

light off between 2,30 am to 8,30 am

low degree (20°) between 10 am to 6 pm

(but at the base of the pot it never go over 25°)

if I close the heaten toghether with the light, temperature will go between 14 to 18

so I cannot do better.

bigger leaf came when I added Phosporous, so maybe I should add same more,

watering too much I washed soil and now I am adding all sort of things.

the main light is a 6500 k, the other two are 2700 k

thanks for helping, dust  :rabbi:


(I can still start with a new seed...

I new I could make a mess and I have

two spare)  :cool:

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yes watering everyday is too much for sure, for the first weeks it's ok, but then you have to separate more the waterings so i hope she will like the spacing. and for the new leaves yes it's leaves not preflowers and if they keep growing it's good sign ;)


Have a good grow man

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thanks a lot dust

"dope will put through time of real panic better then panic

will put through time of good dope" paraphrasing freak brothers.


I just bought two 65w for 6400k cfl, I hope it will be enough for one plant



but I still have problem of low humidity



I keep moisturizing the leafs

or cover it with plastic without 

wetting the soil

and I still have to decide what to do with light during flowering time

I hope I can use at least one small 6500k light + the 2700 ones


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do you still see her growing now with less water?for sure if she bounce back, she will take some time before going backk to normal growth, the best would be to see if the roots are growing better now or no.


Have a good grow man

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I think she stopped growing when I changed the lights, dust

in the meantime I decide to change the pot, so she can adapt to

the whole new situation all together, and now she is in a huge

pot with the two 65 watts cfl on her sides, quite near

(12 cm from each light to the plant and 25 between them).



I found a shop to buy proper gear, but is quite complicate so I 

decide to go on for the whole month and if she does not

grow I will start all over again.

I thing I can afford a flowering proper light, at least...



she had nearly no roots at all...

I want to learn at all cost so I will keep trying

but I wish I did understood I needed a minimum of

125 watt real. I got confused with the equivalence with

old bulb, you know

let's see if I can add a pic (do not lough :-)


I see leaf are curling down, so I add same extra eggshell

and the lower leafs are going

only the biggers one looks healty


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"Red worms eat the bacteria that breaks the organic material down."


they should not eat roots, unless they are rotten

I had same worm for a try, in september, and I saw they eat all the rotten 

part of a salad leaf and leave the green healthy part

there are several in my aloe plant and she is growing drammatically


for the moment my little sweety is not changing at all

I am traying to stop smoking tobacco, so I will have more money for a decent set

of lights

the nearest shop I found is hosting franco to talk about powder feeding...

I suppose this means that it is a good shop :-)

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I must say that it start growing when I added the two 2700 kelvin (23 watts) the picture is in my first post above

in the beguinning I put one light and she turned her head toward the 2700 kelvin, instead of the top white one, the day after I added a second 2700 and she turned right, and kept growing

then I bought the two 65w white light and she stopped growing

maybe she miss the 2700 kevin, wich should be for flowering

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the plant still doesn't move but it is still alive

I added a 2700 kelvin just in case

I ordered the hd and hps light

I also bought powder feeding from green house for hybrids

I suppose I should better start with a new seed

may be in mars, to avoid the big cold

while I wait I keep doing all the experiments I feel like



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  • 5 months later...

the first plant above died this winter, I cooked her

now I start again, still waiting to find a good book, I do as I can :-)











- in soil

- pot is about 15 litres

- temp 24 to 27 day

22 night (my night is from 10 am to 6 pm)

- humidity around 65% (75 during the night)


- in the soil there is a bit of natural feeding, a few worms

and I use green house power feeding hybrids (all in one)

- rhe last few days I watered her every two days,

now I am going on every three days or more

( I was afraid it burns) I spray the top sometime with water.

I use once water and the other chemical feeding,

I use the maximum quantity for the first time

I added same egg shell for the calcium, just in case

- I do not know what is EC and I do not know ph


- HPS growing light 250 watts

- distance 62 cm.

- 15/20  square metres room

- big fan i use it only when I do not water it



:pioneersmoke:  :biggrin: 

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when you spray water on the leaves, be careful. drops of water may work as a magnifying glass under the lamp and burn the leaves. All spraying use the stimulants do at night. calcium, anti-stress and growth stimulant is given on the leaves.  Brexil Ca, Megafol, Mc Start from VALAGRO

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thanks for the pics man! So this is still the WSS going on? a new one but same strain?  Looking better than the first for sure! but like its been pointed out, you should think about buying a PH meter it is one of the only necessary tool when you grow ;) It can be done without, but once you have experience and know the plant you are growing very good :) 


Have a good grow man keep them growing ;) 

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  • 1 month later...

next time I will buy a ph meter :-)

the plant is about 1.50 mt. included the pot

I suppose it depend of light, 250 watts,

wich is ok for me

but flower are smaller of what they could be


I bought 3 seeds last autumn, all white strawberry

I also have a spare seed son of a disel, do not like it, 

she is ok a nd I can compare them... umbelivable

the third got all right  :pioneersmoke:  :biggrin:  :fan:  :)  :yahoo: 

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why do I have a strawberry box and a hawaian label?


I found a shop with powder feeding and one other with light and so on, in two different town

now I found a third shop with seeds, I could avoid delivery from you IF they have my sweet strawberry that grow in the cold and in the mold



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I dont think they have made a Strawberry badge like this already, and when they send gifts like this it can be any of the one they have in  stock, sometime White widow, or arjan haze, bigbang, the doctor, it depends ;)


Have a good grow with the strawberry an amazing strain! ;)

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