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uk silverback

Auto flower

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hi man, i think you will havea little more answers with a more constructive post than 3 words ;) ;)


What kind of tips are you looking for? for the growth? the strain? the medium the light? :)

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haahahah ok my bad it was not good interpratation, but it shows even better that you should use a little more words :P But now i get it :)

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Yeah 18H i like for autos when i can, if i'm in hurry i use to go for 12h for little smaller yeild but i would put more plant. above the 20h i've never tried and i'm not really attracted by it yet :)

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what strain is it? because for the few auto strains i've grown i've really liked it. you just have to adapt your growing style to it :)

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The strain in the pic was wembley I have critical cheese Lemon juice express and cream caramel I previously did 5 blue mammoths topped fim super cropped and did in diffrent size pots i got them all of a freind who runs a seed shop to sample they are quick to do I just don't seem to get the weight I do of photoperiod and what I found was the stems was hollow?? Lol I learned of the first blue mammoths and seem to be better you can't knock them really 8 weeks from seed but yield i struggled :) Iam going to do a lot of experiencing. With these out door this year for now I have green crack supper silver haze coming as well as super lemon and bubba kush I also have I free seed Akron snow bud but Iam going to do some research on it first. I don't mind green crack. But like to keep my stuff green house iv just noticed flower bomb kush us green crack cross wish I new before hand dammmm!!!!

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